Fractalz: Award-Winning Start-Up In The Space Of Employee Engagement, Recruitment, And Retention

Pinaki Ganguly ,Founder & CEO

Pinaki Ganguly

Founder & CEO

The function of Human Re-source has been going through digitization for some time now but it was more of less insulated from digital disruption until Covid-19 start-ed. However, the fault lines became visible and challenges around recruitment, retention, and employee engagement for remote and fluid workforce became the order of the day.

Employee Experience Transformation ­ the new goal for all HR Leaders
Employee experience encompasses what workers encounter and notice during their time at a company. Employer branding is supposed to assist organizations by increasing interest from new employees and increasing loyalty and commitment from pres-ent employees. Recognizing this, Fractalz offering ExaaS or Employee Experience as a Service to clients as an important game changer.

ExaaS significantly helps employers stand out by attracting talent with an authentic and inspiring employer brand and from the employee point of view it creates a sense of purpose and belonging to the organization. ExaaS as an offering encompasses Employer Brand Assessment, creating employer value proposition and creating roadmap for global best employer recognition certification, company review platform management like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and other social media management creative, design & production, employee advocacy and brand ambassador program, industry forum recognition, and other custom projects are used to accomplish this.

Fractalz is one of the unique companies to have an offering around Employee Experience and HR Brand-ing in India. They are also the Win-ner of the Assocham National Work Vision 2022 ­ Annual HR Excellence Awards where it won the 'Effective
Drivers of Recruitment, Engagement and Retention' category.

"We are using our global experience and technology expertise to accelerate value creation for our clients specially their HR teams. Employee experience is all about moments that matter for the employees as they interact with the organization.

The benefits of that are very critical to the success of the organization like for example ExaaS directly impacts employee productivity, engagement, and advocacy, positive recollection that the EVP promise was delivered. HR on the other hand can know its investment priorities and creates solutions, policies that are more relevant. Our Fractalz Elite digital plat-form is aimed improve employee engagement, create stickiness with the organization," explains Pinaki Ganguly, Founder and CEO of Fractalz.

"We collaborate with HR teams to create meaningful employee experience and year round engagement, strategy to attract potential hires, technologies, and training required to make them productive. By linking people to their job, and to our client's business objectives--and one employee to other--we help HR teams to transform employee into an engine that fuels high performance, generates culture of collaboration, creates high energy workplace, and fosters belonging," highlights Pinaki.

Dialoguein is the `One Place for Brilliant Minds'
Beside ExaaS, Fractalz is successfully hand holding business through their digital transformation journey. Last year the company had digitized the world's biggest book biggest book fair, the 45th International Kolkata Book Fair which is attended by over 2 million people, connecting book lovers globally and enabling digital experience.

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25 percent higher profits than those that don't

Fractalz have developed a suite of products for social engagement and knowledge sharing. Dialoguein is a peer-reviewed knowledge network for a harmonious society based on dialogue.

“We are currently developing a sophisticated Dialogue based e-learning platform for students grade 12 and up. This platform will focus on providing learning program such as graduation, master's, doctoral, and corporate training,” concludes Pinaki. Fractalz has created an easy-to-use platform for hosting a full-scale digital event management platform – named ‘Dialoguein Events’ – the only one is eastern India. During covid Fractalz hosted an online Global Bengali Literature Festival for 3 days with 50 stalwarts of Bengali literature from 10 countries and attended by thousands of viewers online. The company aspires to create ‘One place for Brilliant Minds.’