FreEMI: Fin-tech out of the Box

Kousik Chatterjee, Founder

Kousik Chatterjee, Founder

Vision and experience are always in search of exposure. And when that experience is a combination of finance and technology, that too over a course of 14 years, the outcome of it leaves no stone unturned. With the fin-tech sector spreading its wings in different parts of the country, FreEMI is the first of its kind venture from the state of Bangla that offers potential to be in the limelight. “Building FreEMI is not a one day story. Each block has been built with time throughout my journey of the last 14 years. Internet attracts me from the beginning of my MBA in 2003-2005 which fueled up by joining my first job at This served as my first step towards internet based business operations. That journey taught me about future opportunities of Technology in Finance, especially in the field of payments, lending & organised expense and investment management services. I felt a serious demand in technology in financial ecosystem post demonization which pushed me towards FreEMI”, says Kousik Chatterjee, Founder.
The Knowledge & its Implementation
With crystal clear understanding the founding vision of FreEMI was definite with its approach. The impact that this platform is going to make as an online platform has been well understood by the founder. As a Fin-tech marketplace FreEMI’s impact on visibility is quite natural. It is stepping its foot reasonably in the market, in the fields of Payments, Lending, Investments and Affordable Insurance salutation. Whereas, as a loan marketplace it is creating much faster and hassle free experiences with low rate for their customer especially for millennial in retail category and a portion of the SME’s market segment. “Our online process makes a huge impact in customer acquisition. We can see good traction in business which has been subject to growth every passing month and we’ve observed competitive advantages in fin-tech segment in the region”, says Debashis S, Co-Founder.

" FreEMI serves more than 2000 customers on an average every month. In last six months it has doubled its revenue numbers"

The Cause behind FreEMI
When goodwill is the matrix then wisdom comes before profitability. FreEMI has chosen to cater to that category of people who lack the access to digital banking facilities due to various factors. The segment who are not served by bank due to logistical problems that may crop up between the
borrower and the lender or the complex banking structure that is often unwilling to extend any loan to the borrower and there are several reason as well. “What we did is to find out best possible alternatives and build bridge between lenders and borrowers, small investor to suitable schemes, our proprietary algo based ‘Registry’ helps affluent investors to manage expenses with automated investment tool. Our strong automated process is developed in such a way that enables simplified process to customer needs either in lending or in investment”, says Sumanta Mohanty, Co-Founder.

The Growth that Matters
As a company that started out only in 2018, FreEMI has shown exponential growth that demands appreciation. By holding only the hands of knowledge and experience, this company has generated a profit statement worth mentioning. Expressing the functioning efficiency of the company, Law Kumar & Kush Kumar, Sales & Process heads, conclude, “We are growing in numbers, building our blocks brick by brick. We serve more than 2000 customers on an average every month. In last six months we have been able to double our revenue numbers. We started with two people in June 2018 and now fifty plus employees make us more prominent in market and in the business.”