FreightBazaar: Most Reliable and costeffective inter-city FTL solution

Ganesh Rewanwar,Co-Founder & CEO

Ganesh Rewanwar

Co-Founder & CEO

The ideation resulting in the inception ofFreight Bazaar, a premier platform for facilitating truck hiring and improving transportation processes occurred when Ganesh Rewanwar was working at Nagarjuna Fertilizer, a global fertilizer company based in India. As a part of the leadership team that led strategic reviews, Ganesh often encountered problems associated with shipping Urea to various parts of the country. This made him feel the dire need to use Internet based process to find and communicate with multiple suppliers. Ganesh then met BhavenShah who had previously specialized in developing web-based platforms for supply chain industry in India and in the U.S. Plus, Bhaven had previous experience with fleet management and working with transporters. The duo on further meetings discussed the idea and reached to a conclusion where they both agreed on creating positive impact for all stakeholders through the development of a technology-based platform for freight movement. This marked the beginning of FreightBazaar in 2012.

Initially they launched their first pilot in 2013 in Andhra Pradesh. The pilot was successful and highlighted many areas that needed improvisation. “We decided to build a truly integrated platform that did much more than just connecting the two parties. We took inspiration from Amazon type of a platform and focused
on happy user experience while keeping the complexities of delivering the experience mainly hidden from the user,” informs Bhaven.

FreightBazaar improves collaboration and predictability; enables automation and analytics led decision-making so that companies can make their logistics value chain more reliable and responsive.

After working on it for about two years, they launched their first integrated platform in late 2015. Additionally, they created a set of tools and value-added services for their supplier partners and drivers, as they were key stakeholders in the eco-system. Ganeshsays, “We ran our operations quite frugally and employed a lot of innovation as well as automation to ensure that we executed in the most capital efficient manner. As a result, we were able to grow our user base across 300+ cities and service 200+ inter-city routes without raising significant capital.”

An Integrated Platform to facilitate hassle-free Truck hiring
A proven Freight Transportation Platform that enables shippers and truck suppliers to manage the end-to-end transportation process including truck sourcing, freight rates negotiations, delivery tracking, payment and documentation, FreightBazaar has received validation from key customers and ecosystem partners including India’s top logistics, 3PL and supply chain companies. Several fleet owners are currently using the platform to
move freight of various kinds such as food, cement, automotive, electronics, tyres and telecom.

logistics operations,” Bhaven avers. The platform reduces fragmentation, brings in standardization, and provides self-service tools bringing automation and analytics to the forefront. The process of supplier discovery, price discovery, demand discovery, bidding, contracts, IoT-based trip monitoring, ERP integration, performance dashboard, payment, Billing and documentation have been streamlined so that there is efficiency and reliability at every level. “This leads to more collaborative, predictable and automation-driven

The platform also has developed a proprietary advanced Freight Intelligence analytics framework to provide various real-time decision-making and historical insights for continuous improvement of ompany’s transport operations.

Being the Game Changer!
Since inception, the company has constantly strived to become a reliable backbone for their clients by achieving 100 percent trip success rate and optimizing transport operations for their clients. As a constant process, team FreightBazaar sincerely works towards positively impacting the entire eco-system so that suppliers, fleet owners and drivers can see significant improvements in their business performance.

“For the past few years, we have been working tirelessly to bring much needed structure, efficiency and reliability into the way long-haul transportation has been managed in India. We appreciate the validation of our customers, investors, users and business partners. We look forward to continuing this journey together and becoming a Made in India Global Brand for this industry,” Bhaven mentions enthusiastically.