Fresh Voice App: Grab and Start A Job Showcasing Who You Are!!!

Gokul Rengarajan,Founder and CEO

Gokul Rengarajan

Founder and CEO

Being one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, India's MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) sector plays a vital role. The demand for fresher's within MSME is as such remains alltime high. They are diffuiculty or limitation in finding fresh talents and offer them.

On the other side, fresh talents having some difficulty to reach SMEs, the fact is Tamilnadu's student's passout mainly comes from tier II and tier III cities. There are more colleges in such cities combined as compared to the tier I cities. But their lack of connectivity with the hiring companies stopping their job opportunities. To overcome such difficulties of eligible Fresher's job seekers and hiring companies, Fresh Voice App ­ a Erode, Tamil Nadu based startup has launched India's first exclusive video-based hiring e-platform. Fresh Voice App is reducing the hiring gap between the hiring companies and the fresh talents in tier II and III cities.

Video-based Hiring ­ Fresh Voice App
Fresh Voice App is the next generation Interactive digital platform for fresh talent hiring. The digital application app allows fresher/final year students to upload a small short videos about themselves, their projects, job preference etc, along with their educational qualifications or CV. Fresh Voice team is working on the ground to onboard employers seeking freshers on to the Fresh Voice App. The employers can add job posting both full time ad internship.

Also, Employers can search and narrow down to exact fresher talent using incredibly unique search filters parameters. The video in the fresher's resume enables employers to take
decision even before screening, saves lot of time and money, moreover employer will get required fresh talent. Fresh Voice App has ensured that fresher's get the exposure to endorse their capabilities and qualifications to the industry.

The Fresh Voice Saga
The founder, Gokul, having an MBA Marketing background, has started his career in the sales 15 years ago, and got into technology industry as functional consultant more a decade ago and played various roles including senior management roles heading bigger teams and organization revenue units.

Gokul got graduated from Tier II city, immediately after graduating he found this void in the fresher placement and hiring processes, to his surprise even now he found this situation prevails. Most of final year students and fresh pass outs from tier II and III cities made to think getting a job is a tough thing, but the reality is quite different there are lot SME having lot of fresher jobs.

The connect between the SMEs and the Colleges is not clearly established. But now with the development of the digitalization and with years of rigorous research and understating, Fresh Voice App is that platform that enables Institutions, fresher talents, and SMEs to connect easily for hiring purposes. The work on Fresh Voice App has been started in March 2020 and the digital e-platform was completely ready to launch in January 2021. Fresh Voice App's business model and the complete application is designed, developed and tested keeping in mind the feedback and inputs of the interactive trails, interview processes by various stakeholders like SMS founder, HRs, students, Professors, College Management, Placement Offers, etc.

Fresh voice app, the first exclusive video-based hiring web platform in India for freshers is set to refashion the ways of interviewing processes across the industrial segments

Fresh Voice App's trails with institutions and SMEs are already started, has partnered with a bunch of educational institutions comprising nearly twenty thousand fresh graduates and students. The Platform has successfully onboarded with more than fifty SMEs ready to hire these fresh talents with a decent pay scale as per the industry standards. The employers are offering more than two hundred jobs through Fresh Voice App in the field of Software, Arts, Science, and other technical fields. Fresh Voice App is committed to at least double the number of placements in the partnering Institutions also wanted to establish storing eco system to SMEs for fresher hiring.

Fresh Voice App is also planning to integrate the e-learning, test assessments. Also, the development of the platform includes incorporation of AI into the system. Fresh Voice App plans to scale-up on the technological front and the business front as well by expanding its reach nationwide and abroad.