Froovella: From Farms to Home, Ensuring Freshness & High Quality

Jayan Lohani,  Co-Founder

Jayan Lohani


India's grocery shopping industry is undergoing a significant transformation, mirroring shifting consumer preferences towards convenience without compromising on product quality. However, this evolving landscape presents distinctive challenges; from maintaining product freshness to ensuring lastmile delivery and fostering consumer trust. Despite these obstacles, the online grocery sector has paved the way for thriving startups like Froovella, an innovative online fruit-shopping platform. Co-founded by Jayan Lohani and Shrey, the platform benefits from the vision of its young founders and the collective 26+ years of experience of its sister entity DJ Exports in the fruit supply chain, lending the brand a solid foundation of ambition, credibility, and expertise.

Game-Changing Approach
Froovella curates a colorful array of Indian, imported, and exotic fruits, aiming to make online fruit shopping a 'Healthy Bhi Aur Happy Bhi' adventure. The firm prioritizes freshness and customer satisfaction in addition to upholding strong ethics and commitment to farmers equally. Honoring values of quality, sustainability, and stakeholder welfare, Froovella aims to revolutionize online fruit shopping while addressing industry issues like food waste and supply chain challenges, promoting a sustainable and equitable food ecosystem. The firm’s vision extends beyond mere fruit delivery, reimagining the entire online fruit shopping experience. With a customer-centric approach, the firm also offers customer-friendly doorstep returns for unsatisfied customers.
Froovella boasts a diverse product range of 30+ fresh fruit selections, catering to various palates. The specially curated gift boxes and baskets make for excellent family, corporate, and personal gifting choices, spreading joy and wellness with every colorful and healthy assortment. At the core of its offerings lies the flagship selection of fresh and diverse fruits, delivering a 'Frootastic Shopping Adventure'. To ensure top-notch products and services, Froovella sources fruits directly from the farmers, maintains cold storage facilities, and uses thermal bags for delivery, preserving fruit freshness. Complying with industry policies like G-Pop & G-Step, and packaging products in safe, hygienic thermal cardboard containers, Froovella guarantees consistently highquality and safe products.

Furthermore, Froovella's techsavvy approach enhances customer experience and the platform boasts an intuitive UI/UX design, making online shopping seamless and enjoyable. “At Froovella, we reach a wider audience through web aggregator platforms, allowing customers to compare and choose our offerings. AI in our CRM prioritizes customer satisfaction and swiftly addresses any issues. Nextgen marketing techniques, like meta and Google marketing further boost our online visibility, while influencer partnerships foster authentic engagement. This four pronged approach maximizes conversions at lower CACs and ensures our 'Healthy bhi aur happy bhi Adventure' continues to delight and grow our customer base”, shares Jayan Lohani, Co-Founder, Froovella.

Future Roadmap
Froovella's future vision revolves around sustaining growth and extending reach, anchored in its core values of quality and customer service. With customer feedback being integral to Froovella's growth strategy, the firm employs an AI-powered chatbot for real time engagement and post purchase feedback analysis, followed by dedicated CRM personnel to address and resolve customer concerns. Additionally, traditional routes like emails and phone calls are implemented for customer feedback, driving continuous improvement in service delivery and product offerings.

With a robust strategy and operational framework in place, Froovella's upcoming goals include achieving 200 orders per day through enhanced customer engagement and refined marketing strategies. The team's objective is to bolster profitability to cover additional marketing expenses, achieved by streamlining operations and minimizing costs. Looking ahead, Froovella envisions expansion into Tier-II and Tier-III cities, leveraging its unique business model to meet under served demand while upholding unwavering standards of quality and freshness. Ultimately, Froovella aspires to redefine the online fruit shopping experience in India and emerge as an industry pioneer, setting new benchmarks of excellence and innovation.