Frutunes Food Products: An Agrotech Startup Firm Re-Shaping the Stature of Agriculture in India

Prathap Selvan,Founder & CEO

Prathap Selvan

Founder & CEO

As foreseen by the experts, the global agrotech market growing at a rate of CAGR 18 percent is expected to reach the worth of $ 24 billion by 2022. India, where agriculture is considered to be one of the most accepted occupations in rural and sub-urban areas is also witnessing the growth of agrotech startups in recent few years driving fruitful results to farmers through enhanced productivity and cultivation. One such name is Frutunes Food Products which aims to solve the inefficiencies in the agrotech sector by improving the lives of producers and consumers in a meaningful manner. Established by Prathap Selvan in 2019, Frutunes Food Products is an Agrotech startup company that is redefining the agricultural market through its appropriate guidance and investment in the new-age farmers.

The ease with which consumers can source produce nowadays often makes them forget the meticulous planning, preparation, and hard work that goes into the production, distribution and food supply chain — from farm to freight.

Facing challenges related to supply chain, transportation, unawareness amongst farmers about the accessible opportunities, quality measures, cancellation of shipments in the initial days of inception, Frutunes Food Products attributed its strategies to remove every possible gap in the process of improved and efficient outcomes.
Premeditated by Prathap Selvan in 2016 with a noble intention to help the farmers in scaling up their business to the next level, Frutunes quickly became a driving force of exporting raw food products, fresh vegetables, fruits, Indian spices, pulses and millet varieties to the national as well as international market through its innovative supply chain model.

“Through our innovative business model ‘Quality Basket’, we understand the quality measures and standards adopted by various countries. The quality measures that are adopted in GCC are integrated into our Quality Basket. Our model is based on removing inefficiencies and intermediate middlemen in the fruits and vegetables supply chain. Not only dowe help improve farmers’ income and provide a consistent demand but we also deliver quality, fresh and hygienically handled produce to International Buyers and foodservice providers”, says Prathap Selvan, Founder & CEO, Frutunes Food Products.

Within a year, about 116 FPOs registered with Frutunes along with 5 preferred food manufacturers who could produce 35 different food products and special processed foods. A 9001:2015 ISO certified company; Frutunes was selected as the Best Agri Tech Startup at a FACE Event by CII 2019 and ranked 2nd for the Best Agri Tech Company for Post Harvesting Servicing by Tamilnadu Agri College and MABIF. Frutunes' model was selected as the best Supply Chain Model by Startlife Netherlands. Apart from that, Frutunes Food Products was ranked 04th by the Spices Board of India for Multi Spices and Spices Value-Added Exports and selected as the Best Exporter for Multi Processed Spices by the Spices Board of India.

Headquartered at Chennai, Frutunes also has branch offices at Jordan, Utah, USA, and it has connecting partners working in GCC and Asia Pacific. Working continuously on bettering the Farmers' Income, Productivity and the Tribals' Prosperity, Frutunes is trying to create a social impact by addressing the other important part of agriculture – income, productivity, and farmer prosperity. Citing the future perspective of Frutune Food Products, Prathap Selvan quotes, “We are creating a Blockchain Application with the help and support of MABIF.

With this application we are doing matchmaking between the farmers' produce and the buyers. We are leveraging technology to build a reliable and cost-effective export supply chain to deliver quality produce directly from the farms to International stores. Frutunes with the tagline 'The Farmer's Complete Export Solutions', is working to improve in the region of lack of marketing, and the possibilities of implementing an e-commerce platform. We started to build the farmers' e-commerce platform with traceability and for future our vision is to start our own FPO to address export opportunities and quality measures.”