FuelBuddy: Revolutionizing Doorstep Fuel Delivery in India

Divij Talwar, Adnan Kidwai and Gautam Malhotra,Co-Founders & DirectorsToday, e-commerce has penetrated every industry. Every commodity is easily available at the customer's doorstep just a click away. Mobile apps have made e-commerce easier than ever before. But for fuel, one has to go to the fuel-station. This has increased the cost of maintenance, wastage of time, delay in transportation, and various such problems. This impacts efficiency and productivity, especially in the industrial sector. The New Delhi-based ­ FuelBuddy is revolutionizing the doorstep fuel-delivery in India. FuelBuddy is India's first legal-private company having all the permissions in place for doorstep fuel-delivery. FuelBuddy is an app-based fuel-delivery service provider having IoT and cloud-enabled features. The company charges no extra fees and delivers fuel at the same prices as that of any regular fuel-station.

FuelBuddy's technology ensures the best quality and accurate quantity on every order. The company also brings transparency, safety, and convenience to its doorstep fuel-delivery. This one of its kind company serves an array of industries including manufacturing, construction, corporates, mining, and other industries that require fuel for their operations.

FuelBuddy's Core Features
FuelBuddy app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The customer can simply start using FuelBuddy services by downloading the app and completing a one time KYC. FuelBuddy has designed special ­ Smart Tanks to avoid pilferage or adulteration. These password-protected tanks give a live reading of available fuel-quantity and send a notification if the tank is being tampered with.
FuelBuddy's Fuel Management System (FMS) takes care of the end-to-end requirement of the client's fuel operations across different sites to create a vigorous and cost-efficient chain of fuel procurement and data management. The company also provides APIs for technical integration of anentirely automated supply-chain. Currently, FuelBuddy offers FMS for hotel-chain aggregators, transporters, real-estate developers, and schools.

FuelBuddy procures fuel directly from the Oil Marketing Companies. The fuel-quality is examined through the company's propriety IoT-based checks and onsite tests for the clients. The fuel-delivery vehicles are tracked through GPS and have predefined Geo-Fencing and Tagging. FuelBuddy uses indigenously developed E-locks for blocking access to the fuel tank once it's been loaded. The OTP sent to the client has to be entered before the automatic dispensing starts.

Converting Concept to Reality
The fuel-delivery was an enthralling concept that can be converted into reality with the support of the Indian government. For this, the NitiAyog, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Startup India, Petroleum Explosive Safety Organization, and the Oil Marketing Companies have come up together in support of FuelBuddy for expanding the reach of the fuel-delivery service in India.

With The Aim Of Revolutionizing The Way Fuel Is Purchased, Stored, And Delivered, Fuelbuddy Will Become Synonymous With Fuel-Delivery And Energy Whether It's Diesel, Petrol, Cng, Or Any Other Form

FuelBuddy is the brainchild of three co-founders ­ Divij Talwar, Adnan Kidwai, and Gautam Malhotra, with no background in the petroleum industry. The operations head ­ Aditya Singh has almost two decades of experience in operational management. Recently, the ex-Executive Director of IOCL has joined FuelBUddy as the President bringing an expansive 35 years of experience and expertise. FuelBuddy also recently raised USD 2.3 million from Mr.SK Narvar and Mr.Raghav Gupta with a further commitment of the same on need basis. Mr. Narvar has multiple highly successful businesses spread across India. Mr. Narvar brings with him an expertise that is unparalled across different segments of industries. Mr.Raghav Gupta is one of the leading investment bankers of India.

FuelBuddy services only stationary assets such as Gen-Sets and heavy vehicles and is planning to extend its service portfolio to regular vehicles when permitted. The company is developing a mobile dispensing solution for petrol and CNG vehicles. A pilot project in 2018 in Rewari, Haryana; FuelBuddy has muscled itself to 24 cities across India and has sold more than 61M liters of fuel. This outreach was a result of reducing the huge gap in the market concerning customer expectation and delivery by involving the technology and introducing transparency in the supply chain. This has scaled up FuelBuddy and its growth in the market.