Furdo: Creating Dream Houses using Cuttingedge 3D Design & Virtual Reality Walk throughs

Ishwar Sundararaman, CEOWho hasn’t dreamt of a celebrity style home? Of course we all have! But most of the time, our dream gets curbed by the idea that interior design is a hoity-toity game and the average person can’t afford it. It all started with Kiran Singh (Founder & COO, Furdo) who leveraged his two decades of 3D & virtual reality experience. He worked on making high quality visualisation more accessible, and spent two years just researching how to create photo real 3D virtual walkthroughs for designing homes.

As Paulo Coelho famously said ~ “When you want something so bad, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Kiran met Bhavadeep Reddy (Bobby), Founder of Indus Homes, at a wedding reception and Bobby in true angel style took all of five minutes to offer to invest in the startup. Later Kiran roped in two co-founders – Ishwar Sundararaman (CEO) & Arvind Singh (CTO & CPO). Furdo’s operation started on October 2014 from Bengaluru. Today the company provides end-to-end interior design solutions, starting from designing to 3D visualization to implementing.

Furdo’s ‘Try before you buy’ 3D interior designing solution enables customers to virtually walk through their fully furnished home and experience the design before implementing

Furdo’s ‘Try before you buy’ 3D interior designing solution enables customers to virtually walkthrough their fully furnished home and experience the design before implementing. There are several beautiful themes to choose from, or clients could just send a few reference images of designs they like. Once the design phase is completed, Furdo assigns a personal project manager to translate this 3D virtual design into reality. Partnering with top notch vendors, each of whom are specialists in their field, helps Furdo achieve an impeccable finish.

Dream Design Deliver

“Furdo has interestingly democratised design and made 3D visualization freely available to everyone with a budget of Rs.4 lakh to Rs.45 lakh,” elucidates Ishwar.The company looks to build an eco-system around home design and are focused on applying VR to solve new home problems. Before developing VR walk throughs, Furdo looks closely into the client’s requirements and their tastes to design a theme that would resonate with the client’s
likings & sensibilities. The company gives a first cut presentation of the home along with a competitive price quote on the interior design requirements.

Furdo allows customers to book a designer, by taking just 10 percent upfront of the total implementation cost. Before paying for even a single piece of furniture, the customers can fully visualise the home in 3D, using cutting edge Virtual Reality experience, which is developed through their in-house app called Bolt. Bolt was developed to build virtual walk throughs efficiently so that customers can walk inside their home and look at every design detail from any angle and corner. Post the design and visualisation, a project manager and a team of implementation experts are assigned to implement the design and give live updates to clients. The company has a network of reputed partners to make sure that every product is built to last.

Reckoning Success

The company has been growing at a scorching 50 percent month-on-month in revenue since April 2016 and projecting 8x growth in the next year without any additional external funding. Furdo was named as the ‘Fastest growing interior design platform’ at Indian Lifestyle Awards and also was a semi-finalist at Surge - widely acclaimed to be the World's Best Tech Conference. Currently Furdo has a zillion things in mind, but taking things one step at a time is probably the best way to ensure long term success.