Fyraway: Coding For Kids

Ankit Guha, Founder <br>Sharad Gupta, Founder & COO,

Ankit Guha


Nelson Mandela once said, "History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children." This profoundly substantiates the principle on which Fyraway's was founded. An Edtech firm, Fyraway has brought about a novel approach in the education sector to bring students and technology in close proximity to each other. The need to teach kids technology and digital skills, the most important skill in today’s world, led Ankit Guha and Sharad Gupta to start Fyraway. The founders aspired to convert the present and future generations of kids from mere consumers to creators of technology.

"Children of this age are very connected to technology, at times even better than their parents. If you look around, you’ll see 4 year olds playing games on mobiles and iPads and handling such devices very easily. We build upon this love of technology to aid children to learn how to code. Instead of just playing a game, we teach kids how to build a game themselves and then play and share it with their friends. This makes our kids creators and allows them to express their creativity on the most prevalent medium today, the digital medium," says Ankit Guha, Founder, Fyraway.

Fyraway runs an online platform where through a combination of gameplay and project based assignments, kids learn
how to code. The online games and projects are engaging and provide a sense of accomplishment to the kids, while they pick up basic to advanced coding skills.

Fyraway creates programs that start from basic levels for 4 year olds to advanced levels that are appropriate for 13 to 16 year olds. The focus is on enabling learning coding as an interest based activity as opposed to being another subject that the child is supposed to learn. The USP of Fyraway is that the programs are not restricted to an online only model. To increase the outreach of it’s programs, Fyraway ties up with Tutor Partners across localities in multiple cities. This allows children to go to a physical centre as well, where the Tutor Partner leads the instruction of the Fyraway curriculum.

"We have crafted the best online and offline activities and courses that will assist students to frame their future. Instead of taking up coding while in college in their 20s, it is better to have an understanding of how the prevalent digital technologies work at a conceptual level from a young age. All children may not work in tech related jobs, but we are already seeing that technology is touching far more jobs today, than it did in the past. And that’s only going to increase. After all, the point of education is that children should learn and understand the world around us, and if we do not understand the technologies around us, how can we claim that our education is complete?," narrates Sharad Gupta, Founder & COO, Fyraway.

Fyraway is bringing coding education to kids, the most important next generation skill, with a novel approach mixing gameplay and project based assignments

The Forward Move
A bootstrapped edtech venture, Fyraway has observed remarkable traction in a short while. The number of users and Tutor Partners have increased exponentially, with currently the platform seeing 10k+ monthly active users, growing at faster than 30 per cent on a month on month basis. Rooted in the garden city Bangalore, the company has presence in more than 20 Tier I and Tier II cities. In the near future, Fyraway is targeting reaching 100K monthly active users within the next 2 quarters.