Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt Ltd: "Growing with the sunshine" /Powered by The Sun

Shyamal Chatterjee,CMDThe Sun emits enough energy in the form of light and heat on earth each second to satisfy the entire human energy demand for over two hours. Said that, it is abundant, free and also is a renewable source of energy.

Solar energy is a Fundamental source of energy, it supports all life on Earth, drives the Earth's climate and weather and is predominately responsible for the class of resources collectively known as Renewable Energy. The applications are diverse and date back millennia.

New Technological Advancement over the years has driven this increased reliance on Solar Energy.

Continuing the same vision of capturing and harnessing the maximum possible energy from the Sun, the team of Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt Ltd from its Head-quarters in Nagpur and from its offices across India are working tirelessly to achieve that goal for Mankind.

To achieve this GSEPL provides superior quality, Tier1 PV panels, Solar Inverters along with integrated and customised protection system along with accessories like Separate earthing pit, Industrial Lighting arrestors. GSEPL is a diversified and fast-growing Solar Power Solution company with a presence across the solar power value chain.

Galaxy is an experienced turn-key solar Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) company, helping pioneer the solar power industry in India. Headed by CMD Mr. Shyamal Chatterjee along with highly skilled Technical and Non-Technical teams. Mr Shyamal Chatterjee is a qualified Mechanical Engineer from prestigious Nagpur University, and a first Generation Entrepreneur, with his extensive knowledge in his field of work in Solar Power Systems is now Secretary of MSS (Maha Solar Sangathan), Co-ordinator of Solar Cluster under MSME, Founder and Chairman of Galaxy Foundation which works for the Under Privilege class in India. Galaxy is dedicated for the promotion of renewable energy propagation and implementation in India.
An Array of Service in Offering.
• Site identification and assessment.
• Energy yield studies & optimization.
• Electricity grid interconnections.
• Planning and building permits.
• Project Development agreements.
• Financial feasibility study.
• Power Purchase Agreement Analysis.
• Greenfield & Brownfield Development.
• Full turn-key EPC responsibility.
• Optimized in-house engineering & design.
• Procurement strategy based on approved tier-1 sup-pliers.

Energy storage integration and hybrid solutions.
• Preventive maintenance programs.
• Spare parts management.
• Corrective maintenance.
• Remote plant monitoring.
• Solar Plant Generation assurance.
• Information management and reporting.

Then And Now- Evolution of GSEPL.
As stated by Darwin-: "Survival of the Fittest". Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt Ltd has hold up the concept of being the fittest with highest quality of materials, customised solutions and designs for its clients along with unmatched and un-compromised after sales services.

Then-: After incorporation of GSEPL in 2017, back then the concept of generation of power from Renewable and Solar Energy was in general an Alien concept in India. With a very less scope of Renewable Energy Industry, they faced many hurdles to develop its market. But slowly, with dedicated team and with the vision to lead businesses and homes into Renewable Energy Sector and to Power India with Renewable Energy and make INDIA self-reliant in Power Sector, Galaxy made sure they mark their presence and moved from ground zero to being a reputed company in India. Started with just 4-5 members with their own funds, saw a rapid growth after inception.

Now-:Presently, Galaxy is powered by team of 500+ employees spread among 20-25 offices located across India.

Once GSEPL started making its presence felt across India, with their 1st year turnover reaching just 1.6crore, shortly in 2nd year it jumped to 10crore. For the financial year 2019-2020, GSEPL have reached their projected turnover of around 50crore with over 1000+ successful projects.

Even in this year 2020, the year which un-fortunately has resulted many industries to file for losses and seen many sectors shutting down, GSEPL has maintained it projections for the 2020-2021, and is confident to register 150+ crore turnover target.

Currently, GSEPL is working on many innovative ideas. GSEPL along with Government of India, and many Ministries of different states of India are planning to lead business and rural India into Renewable Energy Sector. GSEPL understands that developing rural India and providing power across India is import-ant to make India and Independent and self-reliant. GSEPL is also working on to set-up solar parks in the near future.

GSEPL has also identified the problem of importing PV cells and Silicon wafers from China, to overcome this dependency on China, Galaxy Solar Energy Pvt Ltd has already started planning to build their own manufacture unit for the production of PV cells and Silicon wafers, which will cut the dependency of India's Panel manufacturing on China, and also will boost company's recognition and presence in the market space.