Gamentio: Leading Online Gaming Platform

Sumeet Arora,Founder

Sumeet Arora, Founder

The brainchild of Sumeet Arora, Gamentio has changed the mannerism in which Casino games are being played in India. He is among the first few people who have thought of digitizing card games in an absolute novel way. Armed with the vision of redefining online casino and a youthful and energetic team in tow, he laid the cornerstone of Gamentio-a trailblazing 3D casino games Website and App (Android and iOS), enabling the barmy armies of card gamers enjoy their best-loved activity in a never-before way, i.e., experiencing a real-feel of casinos right from the comfort of their laptops and smartphones, via the concept of 3D. It phases in all the classic titles like Teen Patti, Rummy, Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack and Solitaire. To transform the vintage mode of these card game staples, the company has incorporated customizable 3D technology, facilitating the players with private rooms, avatars, command-based gestures, emoticons and social media sharing and participation. “The idea was to create a free online gambling den for both the masses and the classes. Using Gamentio people can freely play their favourite casino games on their mobile phones and on the desktop browsers, using virtual money. Our objective here is to give online casino gameplay
a complete overhaul in terms of looks, engagement and rewards,” states Sumeet Arora, Founder.

Despite being a newcomer in this domain, Gamentio is already on its way with vibrant and blooming aspiration

Climbing the Uphills

The concept of casino games usually raises many eyebrows. “Casino games are often related to gambling similar to trying luck by staking money on the slot machines, when in reality they actually require a lot of skills and practice. Games like Poker, Rummy, etc, are full of fun and are enthralling because they are not just about merely trying luck to see what transpires from the gut feeling, they instead involve the application of strategies and mathematics to defeat the opponents”, explains Sumeet. The company spent its initial years on clearing up many such misconceptions people have regarding online casino games and card games in general. “People have the misunderstanding that casino and gambling must always be synonymous. But that is not true. We are here to debunk this myth and our efforts are paying off too. Many players have started viewing casino games as a brainy, fun and one of the best pastime activities and want others to consider it to be the same,” he adds.

To prevent any kind of dispute, the company has been maintaining strict rules and restrictions right from the outset. It has kept all the legal and ethical issues covered, including privacy policy, third-party services and merchant policies. As he adds, “We knew that we are stepping into a field that demands a lot of legal procedures and involves great risks of fraudulence. So, we ensured all the legal compliances are in place before doing anything else.”

Despite being a newcomer in this domain, Gamentio is already on its way with vibrant and blooming aspiration. Its young, prolific and talented team is continuously working on making the online 3D casino portal even better and more exciting. “We cannot deny the fact that despite being a small team, we are blessed with super competent and talented individuals. Their optimism and vigour to take challenges head-on is what keeps us going,” Sumeet asserts.

With such a unique idea and positive attitude, Gamentio aims to become a leading online card games platform in the entire nation, breaking all kinds of misconception that people have towards casino and card games.