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Satyapal Singh,Executive Director

Satyapal Singh

Executive Director

The world today is in dire need of embracing sustainable solutions aggressively to minimize the harmful effects of climate change. Both economic superpowers and developing nations have joined the bandwagon.

Helping governments and industries turn this vision into reality is Global Energy and Environmental Engineering Services (GE3S). GE3S is on a mission to promote sustainable development in various geographical locations. The company helps organizations across the public, private, international bodies and social sectors to create positive change that brings business sustainability.

In order to transform organizations in the ways that matters the most to them, GE3S has integrated digital, analytics, and design into core processes and built capabilities that help organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context. With exceptional people from five continents, the company combines global experience and local insight to help organizations turn their ambitious goals into reality. "Our mission is to be a thought leader in environment, energy, and sustainability services in the geographies we operate", states Satyapal Singh, Executive Director of GE3S.

GE3S provides a wide range of sustainable solutions. In today's world, ambient or stack emissions have been a major concern to all industries. These stacks contribute to acid rain, and other environmental issues, which can exacerbate emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma. Furthermore, it hasthe potentialto damage crops, vegetation, and aquatic ecosystems. CEMS solutions are specially designed to continuously monitor ambient or stack emissions for the organizations working in the fields, such as oil and gas onshore and offshore, industries with stack emissions.GE3S has integrated CEMS with air quality assessment solution. The solution can easily be integrated with real-time noise monitoring, and marine water quality monitoring.

The company supports green building development via Material Submittal Tool. It is an integrated IT approach devised to minimize the complications faced during the vigorous procedure of material procurement and approvals for green building development. GE3S isone of the most experienced green building consultants in the region having worked on several green building rating systems, from villas to large-scale mixed-use developments fordesign, construction, and operation phase. Along with this, the company is also focusing on enhancing human health and wellness through WELL Building Standard, the world's first building certification.

Boutique Consulting for Sustainable Environment
GE3S is mainly known for providing a variety of services to government entities. GE3S offers sustainability policy design services to cater the specific requirements of Governments, multilateral organizations like, UNDP, UNIDO, UNEP, Multi-National Corporates and Institutional clients. About 10
years of GE3S's experience in sustainability policy and framework design makes us an ideal consultant. Consumers are becoming more insistent that the businesses are done with an act of responsibility towards community and environment. Sustainability Framework or Sustainability Guideline is important to successfully implement entity's sustainability policy. GE3S leverages the insights of its expert team specializing in sustainability research while designing the Sustainability Guideline, which have been successfully implemented. The sustainability guideline complements UNSDGs and ESG objectives.

Our mission is to be thought leader in environment, energy, & sustainability services in the geographies we operate

GE3S Environmental team, with vast experience in the field of environmental consulting, provides services to its public and industrial clients around the globe. They work in close accordance with its esteemed clients for achieving the highest standards of environmental compliance for project environmental impacts. The company's integrated environmental solution for government and industries not only support sustainable development and efficient operations and management but also have application in policy development for the future.

With the help of its proficientteam, the company provides a deep understanding of the local environment, culture, and regulatory standards along with the global picture of the changing environment.

When it comes to Energy Services, the company has been working across a wide range of industries supplying business energy since 2009. The unrivalled team of expert account managers will ensure our clients benefit from our independent and impartial advice to help businesses secure the best possible energy saving and business energy contract available.

Waste management is another hurdle some of the organizations encounter. GE3S' seasoned team offerssolid waste management master planning for greater areas, and various waste streams like Household waste, municipal waste, commercial waste. They also address special types of waste as: batteries, construction and demolition waste (C&D), Packaging, and others. As part of waste management master planning services, GE3S offer followings:

Reliable Sustainability AdvisoryGE3S assists its clients in implementing best practices, reporting to stakeholders, setting up governance structures and devising long term strategy around sustainable development. They are the leading sustainability reporting consultant in the Middle East and South Asia region. The company's services include sustainability maturity assessment, stakeholder engagement, materiality analysis, data collection, report writing, design and liaising with GRI for GRI services. The company's Sustainability Strategy is based on three concept integration, impact identification, and guidance.

Businesses approach sustainability differently. However, one common element of integrating sustainability into business strategy and long-term plans is becoming increasingly important. GE3S's team can assist clients in identifying the material impacts, establishing KPIs, engaging with stakeholders, developing sustainability policy, vision and mission. Short- and long-term sustainability goals and KPIs and establishing governance structure to execute the sustainability strategy and meet the sustainability targets.

Road to Success
Whether clients have just started their sustainability journey or already have taken actions, GE3S's team can guide them along a strategic, effective, and customized journey towards the sustainable and responsible business operation. They conduct a review of the report and audit the non-financial data to provide our assurance opinion for a sustainability report.

GE3S also helpsits clients in achieving CIPS Corporate Certificate. CIPS is an assessment that measures a company's procurement function. The benefits of CIPS Corporate Certificate are Increased Reputation, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability,Establishing Robust Ethical Practices, and the Assurance of Value-Add in Procurement Transactions. GE3S helps its clients assess their supply chain, identify and prioritize the sustainability challenges and help them overcome these challenges by developing SMART Strategies.

With such capabilities and services, the company envisions to actively contributing in the process of maintaining a safe, healthy, and cleaner environment that can be in balance with economic development, in order to create a sustainable future.