Generation Infinite: The First Step towards an AI Powered Kitchen

Muthu Kumaran Subbiah,Founder & CEO

A decade ago, who would have imagined that technology would invade into our day-to-day lives, making them simpler and effortless. The ingress of technology into the kitchen is an example of how it can transmogrify our days for better. The idea of employing technology to take the edge off from mundane household chores is what propelled Muthukumaran Subbiah and his team to establish their company, Generation Infinite Machines. They are set on the odyssey of automating the conventional process of food preparation through their IoT based smart kitchen appliances.

The Starting Point
Watching women in his family glued to the kitchens spending most of their time planning for a perfect meal triggered his epiphany. The irony is, it is not the cooking that consumes much of their time but the process of getting the required materials ready. Ever since the smartphones made their way to our homes there is nothing we do without it in our hands. He decided to utilize this technological boon to curb the hassles of routine tasks especially in the kitchens and help people lead an effortless life. "I got the idea of an AI-powered kitchen watching my friends and family spending most of their time in the kitchen fidgeting their mobile. Nothing wrong with that. If the mobile phone can do away their mental stress, why not their everyday rut? This simple thought got shape when my mentor, Anand Ganesan, who is an entrepreneur himself, keyed in his suppositions. Further our investors, Mr Kaniappan, a renowned Business Leader, Mr Gomathinayagam Rathnasababathy & Giridharan, Chattered Accountant and Radhakrishnan, a renowned senior executive, provided their valuable inputs, with which, we the team of twenty strived hard to get Generation Infinite up and running," narrates Muthukumaran Subbiah, Founder& CEO, Generation Infinite Machines.

Introducing SmartBatter
SmartBatter is Generation Infinite Machine’s, a first of its kind, hi-tech IoT-based smart machinery that allows you to make the batter in a few clicks. The SmartBatter can be controlled using your mobile phone from a remote location. All you have to do is store
the ingredients inappropriate compartments to be processed by the device when prompted. It can be operated using both Android and iOS phones. Subbiah adds, "Whether you are about to reach home late because of a delayed meeting or got stuck in the middle of traffic, or busy breaking your legs in a party, nothing can stop you. Instruct SmartBatter to grind batter right from where you are. And the best part is, the machine takes care of the entire batter preparation process.

We are working on making Alexa and other voice assistants your personal chef

In simple words, just tell your Alexa 'I want dosa tonight' and your SmartBatter will be ready with your batter when you reach home. You don't have to depend on processed/frozen food or your food delivery guy. The R&D and food research has gone into building an advanced intelligent system which helps in preparing your best batter.

Subbiah's conception was supported and incubated by Aruthra Arumugam (Head of Food Research), Ramalingam (Head of Operations), Abinaya Sundaramoorthy (Product Research) and other aspiring souls of the founding team without whom this product would not have made to the market. They have not only espoused this breakthrough invention but have made a significant contribution in shaping this venture. Along with them, the company’s operation is run by experts from various disciplines, who also acknowledge themselves as a group of food enthusiasts. They have acute belief in the power of IoT and automation, and also have a core understanding of the importance of healthy and delicious home-cooked food.

Despite the extraordinary team and objective, the voyage of Generation Infinite was not always a smooth sail. In its initial years, it had to grapple with the go-to traditional practices, and the ever-evolving market and technology. "Introducing a novel technique in society abiding by the conventional methods of batter preparation was difficult. We are building a system that will change consumer behaviour and disrupt the market. It is an onerous task to visualize and create a completely new system, with no precursor models. Our technical teams have spent day and night fighting every stumbling block that came on the way. We are now heading stronger than ever. Our investors, mentors and shareholders have backed our every single decision and have been our strong pillars of support," states Subbiah.

Making Headways
Generation Infinite is growing incessantly. The innovators have built a functional prototype backed by a number of IPs for SmartBatter. Furthermore, the company's IP portfolio vaults over dozens of utility and designs patents. The company is in alliance with Bosch under Startup DNA Accelerator Program And in the time to come, it is all set to conduct a beta-test for their products, which would enhance its overall quality and performance. Over and above that, the company intends to span across the country and enter the international markets too. "We have high hopes and plans for Generation Infinite Machines and are working towards developing better versions of Smart Batter", concludes Subbiah on a positive note.

Key Management
1.Muthukumaran Subbiah (MS, Founder & CEO
2.Aruthra Arumugam Pillai, Co-Founder and Director of Food Research
3. Ramalingam Athiseshan, Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Offerings: Automated Kitchen Appliances
Offices: Chennai, Bangalore