Genid Shipping: 360 Degree Logistics Solutions built on Decades of Experience

Dr T Johnson,MD & CEO

Dr T Johnson


As is often said, a big tree has deep roots. Similarly, a sweeping business success is often built upon a strong foundation of experience. Personifying the significance of the a fore-mentioned adage is Genid Shipping, a one stop shop for a wide array of logistics and shipping services. Founded in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis, not only has Genid Shipping added several prestigious clients to its roster but has also carved a niche in the international logistics industry.

Guiding the Genid success story is Dr T John-son, a stalwart with over three decades of experience in the logistics industry. He founded the firm in early 2020 with support from Sneha Britto, daughter of Dr. S. Xavier Britto, Chairman, Kerry Indev Logistics, a 35-year old logistics company. Combining Sneha's business acumen and Dr Johnson's vast industry expertise, Genid has built an all expansive service portfolio and infra-structure. The Group today employs over 140 people in India and over 50 people overseas in Singapore, Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

"Often times international importers and exporters prefer to work with companies from their own country which makes it difficult for an Indian company to get their business. But given our long standing relationships with several overseas
customers we could bring their logistics business to India through our services (mostly export of granite products)," explains Dr Johnson. Genid possesses the ability to render end to end logistics solutions to clients from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Belgium among others.

Hassle Free & Timely Executed Solutions
The most critical component for the logistics industry is maintaining timely pickup and delivery of goods. Ensuring adherence to the schedule, Genid provides all-en-compassing package of door to door services. Its 360 degree shipping solutions begin with shipment being picked up from the warehouse or factory, surface transport, custom clearance, sea transport and last mile delivery. Instead of running behind various vendors, clients can get all their shipping solutions under one roof which saves time and energy. Clients can track their orders live using the Genid website.

"We believe that customer is the foremost and we are in this business owing to them. So, we go above and beyond in terms of rendering personalized solutions to them," adds Dr Johnson. Leading by example Dr John-son is personally available to the clients any time; the culture has seeped into the workforce and the entire team is available around the clock. While maintaining the highest quality services, the company also ensures competitive rates and cuts all unnecessary cost to pass the benefit to its clients.

Genid Shipping today employs over 140 people in India and over 50 people overseas in Singapore, Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Prepared for Clients' Every Need
His three decade long experience in the logistics industry has made Dr Johnson privy to every need of his customers. As a consequence, Genid Shipping has pro-actively developed full-fledged infrastructure in terms of transportation, warehousing and custom clearance. The well established and agile infrastructure enables the firm to fulfill every requirement of its customers.

Extending a similar proactive approach to growth, Genid is open to tapping opportunities from any market or industry that it may appear from, be it domestic or international. Leveraging its industry expertise and business bandwidth, Genid is all set to put the required infrastructure in place.