Gift Basket India: Customizing Exceptional Gifts For The Corporate World To Strengthen Relationships

Shivashankar Thallam,FounderCorporate Gifts have consistently been an important part of Businesses to establish and strengthen relationship with clients or partners. This is because gifts, in general, provide a variety of benefits aimed at strengthening and sustaining your relationship indefinitely. The range of relationships has expanded in terms of gifting someone and adding an iota of happiness to their lives.

The practice of enhancing the happiness quotient with materialistic gifts has been the trend in the corporate setup, where companies make sure every employee is happy and connected just like their family. A Hyderabad-based private firm named Gift Basket India contributes to its full potential in transforming a corporate setup into a genuine family construct with a plethora of Corporate Gifting Solutions for respective employees.

GIFT BASKET INDIA is a startup started in 2018 with a vision to serve a large corporate entity by constantly providing them with surprises in the form of gifts. The unique feature of the firm lies in its creativity in every gift it disseminates, which never fails to astonish its clientele and pertinent employees.

The plethora of gift items offered by the firm include Corporate combo gift sets, New Employee Joining Kits, Customized professional sets, and Promotional Products like wooden pen stands, sipper bottles, Branded Corporate T-shirts, laptop backpacks, and many more. Gift Basket India is renowned in the corresponding market as a result of its highly customized products, uniquely personalized designs, and highest quality materials, which collectively possess a professional look. offers a wide range of customized products with respect to clients' requirements. There is no such instance in the company's timeline where the firm has struggled to meet the expectations of clients in its wide collection of gift materials. Speaking more on this company's founder, Shivashankar Thallam says, The extensive research in the initial phase of our inception has given us a tremendous understanding of the corporate gifting market. Thus, we have tied up more than 300 manufacturers across the country. This productive collaboration helped us cater to a wide range of products in a short interval of time. The timely delivery and quality products make us unique in the market.

Implementing the Snow-ball Strategy with Quality Products Quality products
are perceived as the factor that establishes the relationship with clients. With a strong belief in the preceding philosophy, constantly strives to cater to exclusive products that bring a smile to customers' faces. The continuous accomplishment of this practice indirectly elevated the client base of the firm, which bestowed repeated orders. This smart way of expanding the client base through quality products enhanced Gift Basket India brand equity.

We bring smiles to your customers' faces with our staggering gifts and products

The company's journey from its inception is an amalgamation of learning and applying new strategies to cater appropriate products to a wide variety of clients. The client acquisition rate of the firm indicates a steady inclination and so with market expansion. With this development, Gift Basket India is looking to expand its collection of products along with a new customer base. Gradually venturing into the Bengaluru and Chennai markets and eventually being the market leader in this specific arena is the upcoming goal of the Gift Basket India.