Gifting Studio: Spreading Smiles through Personalised Unique Gift Range

Mohan Kumar,FounderIn India, personalisation in the gifting industry has seen massive growth over the past decade as nowadays, people prefer gifts that are specially customised according to their requiremnets. This not only makes loved ones feel special but also helps to build a stronger personal connection. Also, in online shopping, it is easier for the customers to browse and purchase products that can be gifted. With a similar approach, Mohan Kumar founded Gifting Studio in June 2020. The company provides customised gifting, focuses on anniversaries and birthdays.

The startup is focussing on making unique products that its customers will love. With its PAN India delivery, Gifting Studio is completely flexible about how customers need a product. Most of the products are made after taking the customer's inputs. "The customer's satisfaction is always top priority for us," says Mohan. The company ensures communication with customers so as to understand their personalization needs well. All these features help make the gifts unique from its competitors.

Our Journey So Far
According to Mohan, online gifting is a highly
competitive market. Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, he says, there has been an increase in online selling.

The startup began as expanding the offline gifting store of Mohan's father's business. planning to take the gift store to the next stage and has hence added the on-line component. "The choices of online and offline customers is completely different. We believe, we are still in the growth stage, be it in terms of technical aspects, customer interaction or a new line of products," says Mohan. The startup has 45 plus customised gift products.

Most of the customers are loving its products, especially, the photo mosaic frames with hundreds of memories in a single photo frame. This is the most sought after birthday and anniversary gift. Even for contemporary consumers, this remains a hot-selling product. Gifting Studio also specializes in baby birth frames which includes details such as the baby's weight, time and place of birth within a beautiful photo frame, which creates lifetime memory.

"Timely delivery is our first motto," says Mohan. The company knows that if a gift reaches late it loses its value. The usual timeline for customised gifting delivery is 8-10 days. Moreover, to ensure safety, the company keeps on testing the packaging material of the product to avoid any damage to the product while shipping.

The Bright Roadmap Ahead
In less than 18 months, Gifting Studio has gained over 40,000 customers. Despite online advertisement, most of the orders come from customers who got referrals from their family members or friends, says Mohan. Initially, the startup delivered shipments locally in Tamil Nadu but later spread to South India and is currently delivering PAN India.

The company is expecting 4X growth in the month of valentine. It will start working for the valentine by the end of December. It is also planning to work towards at least 25 per cent of repeat customers in the coming year, as this will help to increase the revenue. It is also aiming to keep fresh products catalogue with unique items, which are not easily available in the market. With this determined approach, it is no doubt that Gifting Studio has been recognized as one of the top 10 online gifting start-ups in India.