Gipzonics: Precisely Legitimizing IoT Solutions

Gireesh S Gachinamath,  FounderThe periodic development in the technology space has been constantly revolutionising and disrupting several operational factors associated with workplaces and individual lives. Internet of Things integrates electronic smart devices through web for widening the scope of endowing a prime business ecosystem with agile digital workplace that enables people to work remotely. With a sound promise to maintain the credibility in the consumer space and ability to develop strong and relevant B2C use cases, Bangalore headquartered Gipzonics exercises its operations on IoT based product development, customised electronic product design, and on many other industrial requirements. Gireesh S Gachinamath, the Founder of Gipzonics, as an engineering graduate in 2013 had the idea for a startup of an electronics company along with his partners Anupkumar Patil and Vinay Hegde. The idea got transformed into an establishment in 2015 with Gipzonics.

Assuring Quality through Igniting IoT
Gireesh and the Co-founders of Gipzonics partnered and decided to start working on the project for developing a mother board for automating incense sticks manufacturing unit back in 2013. After facing their share of
bottlenecks, they completed the project and sold almost 280 units. This marked their first victory and the stimulus to march ahead with the idea of Gipzonics. Gipzonics is now an embedded and automation service based company specialized in medical device development, industrial equipment. Gipzonics now provide a one stop solution for all embedded & automation based customized product development right from ideation to rapid prototyping to end product. Designs that achieve hardware standardization through softwarebased customization, enable personalization, incorporate the ability to support ongoing product upgrades, and designs that enable predictive, enhanced, or remote service. The company has set a record of registering consistent success by delivering one stop solutions, right from POC to end product and also support for mass production. The company disperses PCB layouts which are tailormade according to customer preferences that potentially inhibit seamless product designs. Gipzonics provides designing, prototyping and development of all kinds of electronic hardware along with electronics manufacturing services to stand out and capture the IoT market. Moreover, the firm offers manufacturing services like electronic packaging for various domains, special purpose machines, electronic jig tests, and PCB fabrication coupled with PCB designing prototyping as a standalone service.

Gipzonics now provides a one stop solution for all your embedded & automation needs right from ideation to rapid prototyping to end product

Gipzonics powers the facilities for easy monitoring and real time gathering of data using IoT driven interface to avoid impatience and false assumptions. This allows companies to have a profitable business and enhance growth relative to the industry’s average. The other domains where the company plans to invest are in Bionics and Electric vehicles. Gipzonics has a strategic roadmap of its visions and values. With the advent of the IoT, digital disruption has entered its next phase, and the company has outlined potential risks at every stage. With a never backdown attitude, Gireesh has witnessed his share of ups and downs in his business within the shortspan of his venture’s establishment. Currently, with Gipzonics, he is active as well as conclusive of reaping success in the IoT domain for the road ahead.