GMMCO: Pioneers In Providing End-To-End Solutions For All Your Infrastructure Needs

Chandrashekar V.,MD & CEOIndia is envisaged to become the third largest economy in the world with a GDP of $6 trillion by the end of this decade. Towards this journey, our country plans to spend $1.5 trillion on infrastructure through the National Infrastructure Plan (NIP). Established in 1967, Gmmco Limited ­ a part of the illustrious CK Birla Group ­ is fully geared to be a leading infrastructure and equipment solution provider enabling the nation-building journey. Gmmco is playing a pivotal role in transforming the infrastructure landscape of India.

Gmmco's vision is to lead the effort in building the India of tomorrow, by offering world-class and innovative solutions (combination of products and ser-vices) through a vast network, a highly skilled and passionate team using digital technology as enablers, and strong partnerships with class-leading companies that exceed customer expectations while enhancing stakeholder interests. The Chennai-headquartered companyis today, India's largest value chain partner, with a Pan India footprint, for class-leading global companies spanning sectors of infrastructure, mining, energy, transportation, and construction. Some of the leading brands Gmmco is associated with include Caterpillar, Daimler, Per-kins, Schneider, JLG, Maxam, Apollo, and IMT.

The company has represented Caterpillar ­ the world leader in machines and engines ­ for over three decades in India. Its product portfolio of a wide range of machinery and equipment is matched by its commitment to delivering superior customer satisfaction by providing an end-to-end solution that includes cut-above after-market support and service delivery.

Gmmco's strength is its vast service network of offices, well-trained service engineers & technicians and best-in-class workshops & warehouses. In line with its strategy for profitable growth and expansion, the company has adopted alternate operating models for warehousing and distribution, including partnerships with logistics service providers to deliver parts to its customers. Gmmco's Parts on Wheels Program helps customers in remote locations through the mobile parts service model and enhanced service levels. It has also created a supply chain footprint or warehouses in critical locations that ensure the availability of supplies to customers without variability.

Gmmco is committed to providing the best experience in the new product sale, used & rental options, buyback, trade-in, and product support. The company is proud of being the one-stop solution for all the equipment needs of its customers. This customer-centric approach has made Gmmco a priority dealer for Caterpillar. The company operates in ten states including Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa.Gmmco supports more than 16000 machines and more than 15000 engines serving 20000+ active customers. Coal India Limited is one of the largest customers of Gmmco. Gmmco is currently supporting 1000+ equipmentfor Coal India with long term product support contracts. ONGC ­ one of the biggest oil & gas producers ­ is a large customer for engines for several onshore and offshore projects.

The Dynamics of Success
With a passion to help build India's tomorrow, Gmmco's mantra is to constantly push itself to innovate, improve, and inspire for a great future. Gmmco envisages being a $1 billion company by 2026 and the company's strategy and business plan are well-oriented to achieve the vision.

The company firmly believes that every industry has specific and unique requirements and strives to provide them with complete, high-quality, and end-to-end solutions. It is not just a one-stop shop for machines and solutions; it also helps customers meet their business goals. Gmmco goes above and beyond its boundaries to provide support to its customers. No matter the circumstances and the challenges, a team of over 2800
dedicated, passionate and highly-skilledemployees is empowered to exceed customer expectations.

Embracing Digital Technology
Digital innovation focuses on the application of digital technology to existing business problems that add value to the customers. Gmmco's digital innovation strategy is a part of the overall corporate strategy to enable business and provide customer delight. Best-in-class customer experience, data-driven business, and improved sales & increased efficiency are the pillars that drive digital strategy in the company. Thus, Gmmco vests its focus to bring together the right technologies for customer insights, designing effective engagement, driving data-driven decision making, optimizing operations, and enabling a connected enterprise. The company has built a robust integrated CRM system (integrated with ERP, Caterpillar systems, BI & Customer App, etc.) for a central customer repository & a comprehensive field service mobile app, that provides a live-in environment for the sales and services team.

The company has moved ahead with time to build Gmmco Assist customer App and Customer portal that is world-class and has a personalized parts catalog or search to browse and order parts from, end-to-end live order tracking, and also fleet and service updates. The revamped website and a marketing automation tool enable real-time data analytics and engagement on a customized model with every segment of customers.

The company innovated and deployed a remote assistance platform in record time during lockdown to enable collaboration between onsite engineers and remote experts. Gmmco firmly believes that customer service is fundamental for the growth of its organization and all its stakeholders viz. employees, principals, financial partners, and shareholders are committed to delivering world-class services to its customers. Core to this is the adoption of a technology-first strategy to enable its extended ecosystem and customers to interact with the team digitally with complete ease from anywhere. At the next level of the technology first strategy is the creation of cloud-first, mobile-enabled, well-integrated, end-to-end, and vernacular-based secure solutions that will provide complete transparency, reliability, and real-time experience.

Maximizing Value for Customers
Born with a mission to maximize the value for customers and all stakeholders while being a socially responsible corporate, Gmmco, therefore, fosters an entrepreneurial capability amongst employees with an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Over the years, the company has significantly become a solution provider to its customers as opposed to being a product and/or service provider.

With a business model to provide end-to-end solutions to its clients, Gmmco is structured into different business verticals like construction and infrastructure, mining, energy, and other allied business with each acting as an individual profit center. This structuring is oriented towards its market requirements as well as its business goals. The companyemploys global experts to provide expertise in areas of specialization to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. An integral part of the business model is a long-term partnership with customers to shape solutions for the future which involves engaging for multiple years leading to long-term contracts. This has a significant impact on its relationship with clients and enables long-term sustenance that addresses market dynamics.

The 3Es Value-driven Culture
The company firmly believes that employees are the foundation for the growth of its business. Gmmco's culture is characterized by 3 Es ­Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Excellence ­ which has enabled it to create a distinct environment for its employees and clients. Our employees demonstrate a high level of commitment to delivering the products and services on time with a passion for product support and through excellence in their actions. We believe that our customers are our most important partners in sustainable business growth and ensure excellence in customer experience.

Gmmco's digital innovation strategy is a part of the overall corporate strategy to enable business and provide customer delight

Our leaders collectively demonstrate the leadership styles and competencies to create a climate for high engagement and high performance. We strongly believe that a leader's role isn't about position or power but taking responsibility. We promote high integrity and high ethical standards." says Chandrashekar. In addition, we have a clearly articulated diversity and inclusion policy that states ­ we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at the workplace as an integral part of our culture.

As an equal opportunity employer, we ensure zero tolerance for discrimination in employment", proclaims Chandrashekar V., Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at GMMCO Ltd. The company has articulated key competencies for its leaders to drive the 3E culture and continuously developing these competencies through its well-structured Leadership Development Model. Gmmco has deployed five Excellence Programs ­ Sales & Marketing Excellence, Parts Excellence, Rentals & Used Equipment Excellence, and Digital Excellence for promoting the theme of excellence.

Chandrashekar V., MD & CEO
Chandrashekar is a graduate of mechanical engineering and a gold medalist from bangalore university. He has nearly three decades of experience in the infrastructure, mining, construction, and energy businesses. As ceo of gmmco ltd., he strives to build upon a dynamic customer-centric enterprise. His leadership skills and technology drive contribute immensely to the growth of the company and to providing excellent value to its customers.
• gmmco is awarded as one of the top 100 great places to work in india for three consecutive years.
• It is ranked #1 by gptw in the construction and infrastructure space