GoApptiv: Helping Healthcare organizations Gain Digital Success

Team GoApptiv

As the digital revolution continues to transform the healthcare landscape fundamentally, many industry experts are of the belief that the tipping point is finally within the reach. With the advent of latest technologies in the form of mobile communications, the cloud, analytics and others have slowly started to influence the healthcare industry in the similar way as they have done to the media, retail and banking industries. Amidst all the evolving scenarios, there are still many companies in the Indian healthcare and pharmaceutical space that follow and largely depend on the extreme conventional and traditional business models. Although many pharma companies intent to adopt digital – they lack a strategic & comprehensive approach. Most pharma executives adopt tactical & short term approach & do not understand the roadmap to digital.

That’s where GoApptiv,a digital solutions &data analytics company focused on healthcare space comes to the rescue. The company’s core idea is to embed digital within broader business models and thus help organisations become efficient & data driven. They achieve this through their innovative digital solutions which help in capturing data through multiple touch points, Better engagement models & Data analytics. “Our vision is to build
digital solutions that can help healthcare organizations to capture insights, experience& engage with their customers better ”says RajasekharParcha, CEO, GoApptiv.

"Led by a team of 12 people with acquiring 10+customers with in first year, GoApptiv is a promising digital healthcare startup with highly scalable solutions for India & global markets"

Set up in the year 2016 by two industry veterans Rajasekhar Parcha and Sreeram Venkitaraman, GoApptiv brings to the table extensive experience of the founders working in the pharma sector and their true passion for data analytics. The company believes that though there is a high level of awareness for digital transformation, but to succeed one need to go beyond pharma operating manager's conscious mind. The talented team at GoApptiv has been successful in creating digital platforms in the areas of channel operations, e-sampling solutions, customer segmentation analytics & Channel reward portal for pharma companies in the first year of its operations itself.

Personalization, Relevance& Responsiveness
–Key Product Offerings
Mumbai located GoApptiv as a product-centric company provides end-to-end solutions that are a combination of insightful understanding of business processes & data-driven analytics. Deeming that digitalization ensures a better chance to do things differently, the company has come up with its own unique products – MyDocData, ConnectOD – Connect-on-Demand, an e-Sampling solution not only helps in accurate planning and timisation
of samples to customers, but significantly assist organisations to become more compliant with the regulatory guidelines. The third product offering, ChannelPaisa acts as a digital reward platform for organizations to engage channel partners directly. Common theme across all the products is data analytics. They provide insightful analytics through real-time dashboards for organizations.

Rajasekhar says,“We try to make technology exciting, user-friendly,easy to adapt through our innovative product solutions and make digital application an organization’s DNA. ”He adds,“Our insightful understanding of business process,unique value proposition & proprietary algorithms involved in each of our product offerings gives a competitive edge over others.”

Unlocking Growth Opportunities
Led by a team of 12 people, GoApptiv is an angel-funded company and has good record of acquiring 10 large pharma companies as clients within the first year. Also has garnered exemplary tie-ups with investors and pharma logistic service providers. As a digital technology enabler, the company’s in-depth insights, operating model and profound strategies assures innovative digital touch points to unlock growth opportunities. GoApptiv aims to acquire 25+ customers and looks forward to foray in the international market by next year. With integrating Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis, the company wants to clinch the next level of transformation and respond effectively to the changing market conditions.