Gobuzzr: Offering a Unique Platform for Beekeepers to Leverage their Growth and Opportunities

Kapil Dev.G,,CEOAlbert Einstein once said, "If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”. People around the globe consider honey as liquid gold but the truth of the matter is, not many know the operations and the whereabouts of the honey production industry. One young and innovative company that was established with the primary motive to offer technology driven solution to create a strong eco-system by enhancing bees and honey production is Dev Beetech. This company helps agritech industry with its unique innovative product called Gobuzzr which is an IoT based smart beehive monitoring system.

With its app and web part designed and developed by Chennai based Team Tweaks Technologies Pvt Ltd (A renowned Mobile App Development Company), Gobuzzr regularly measures and broadcasts parameters such as the weight, temperature, position, location and humidity of the hives to improve the living conditions of the bees. With the ability of big data and machine learning algorithm, Gobuzzr gathers data from multiple data points or sources together with the healthy and non-healthy hives which includes dormant, swarming, collapsing and missing queen hives, disease testing, and reports from numerous inspections from totally different hives around the globe.

Gobuzzr India is founded by young and energetic entrepreneurs who have more than 10 years of experience in owning and
managing an IT firm. So, holding sound knowledge in the IT industry and strong influence to save the nature, Gobuzzr India was set up to help farmers, apiarists and to indirectly save our environment. “We have our own mentor who holds Doctorate in beekeeping and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of beekeeping. This helped us lot to study the behavioral nature of the bees in an effective way.

Initially, we had the feeling that bee-culture is continuously decreasing but now we have the confidence to regain the same as everyone knows and accept the concept that the industry plays a vital role in India. In recent days our government is also taking more initiative for agritech start-ups.

Our technology helps the beekeepers to know every application regarding their beehive through a mobile application. The application also provides SMS alerts, wireless connection services, and clear statistical visualization of the real time data of their beehives. Apart from honey production, the technology that we offer also help the society in multiple ways including decreasing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), help building vegetation, increase food sources, and protecting pollinators to name a few”, avers, Kapil Dev.G, Chief Executive Officer, Gobuzzr.

Gobuzzr helps agritech industry with its unique innovative product called Gobuzzr which is an IoT based smart beehive monitoring system

Gobuzzr is precisely a method enabling remote management and monitoring of a set of stations distributed over a given area and containing sensors for physical measurements that are useful in apiculture, as well as a system specially adapted to such a process. This revolutionary innovation has been helping the company to carve out a niche in the segment in the global market. Since their inception in 2019, Gobuzzr has grown multifold and now, the company has got clients in various African countries and the United Kingdom. The organization has also got more than 50 enquiries in the past six months across the globe.

Adding about the future of Gobuzzr, Kapil says, “We decided to achieve 1 Lakh installation of our device in next three years. We are promoting our product in all possible mediums like press, magazine, web portals, exhibitions, and government channels. In parallel, we have our strong technical and sales team to achieve the same.” Looking ahead for a prosperous and eventful future, team Gobuzzr is looking forward to expand their operations and develop into a flagbearer in the sector.