Golf Garage: Bringing Original Products at Affordable Prices

Rahul Bajaj , FounderIndia's sports equipment sector is nearly a century old and is currently a global market leader. The business has thrived, fuelled by a competent workforce, and is recognized for its role in job creation and economic development in the country. Due to the existence of numerous established international firms, the global sports goods sector is very competitive. India exported sporting goods worth $546 million in 2021-22. India sells athletic products to a huge pool of nations. While the Indian sports scenario remains dominated by cricket, other sports like football and golf are quickly gaining more and more interest from the masses. One of the key issues hindering the progress of sports like golf is the high price tag at which required equipment is available on the market. To tackle this issue, Golf Garage was established by Rahul Bajaj, a professional golfer, and Category A coach in 2018. It is an ISO-9001:2015 accredited firm whose mission is to make the sport more accessible and as a result, support its growth in India.

Vision & Offerings
Rahul's ambition of starting Golf Garage dates back to his adolescent years when he aspired to be a golf pro. While his father's painstaking work over a month enabled him to obtain the equipment and play world wide, he also grasped the condition of affairs and what needed to be repaired.He founded Golf Garage after discovering the concept of formal setups for top quality, pre-owned golf equipment.
“I decided to use my entire experience and skills to add value to the sport of Golf. It was also appropriate, as I could also give back to the game what Golf had given to me, summing over 21 years of passion and hard work in the sport”, shares Rahul Bajaj, Founder, Golf Garage.

The founder's objective was to maximize the residual value of the golf equipment, apply knowledge and proficiency to act morally and impart skills to golfers and future generations. Golf Garage is to become a one-stop shop that offers high quality, repurposed used clubs in addition to meeting all other player and player related needs. All gratis accouterments are also a standard feature, and stringent trade-ins are happening frequently on the web for clubs ranging from wedges to putters to drivers and irons. Golf balls, golf bags, covers, grips, tees, and training aids are just a few examples of accessories.

Golf Garage offers customer service through digital channels like its website, social media, & equipment, as the key service method

The various services offered include the acquisition and sale of golf equipment and accessories, club fitting to include customer desired modifications, balance and bounce, repair, replacement of damaged components, golf coaching for individuals or groups, management of golf events, and provision of development advice. Additionally, Golf Garage offers customer service through digital channels like its website, social media, and equipment, as the key service method.

“Besides being the first and only formal setup for preloved golf equipment in the whole of India, Golf Garage stands out in more ways than one. Availability of premium quality preloved equipment, affordable, top quality golf accessories, pan India delivery, top golf brands, and environmental consciousness are some additional features that we present”, further adds Rahul.

Future Plans
The future focus of Golf Garage is on utilizing every opportunity in and related to the sport of golf and putting into practice strategies that make highquality, reasonably priced golf equipment accessible to everyone. The business aspires to be globally recognized as a worldwide leader, and after having established a market in India, the team will begin delivering goods internationally. The expansion of Golf Garage abroad, as well as the creation of Golf coaching academies, and the opening of more local brand shops within the nation are the current goals of the brand. Golf Garage is already working on international shipping and will be live within a month.