GPK Logistech: Offering Indias first AI-based Warehousing Network

  Duttprasad Kapur,   Founder & CEO

Duttprasad Kapur

Founder & CEO

Surprisingly, one of the biggest issues faced by businesses of this era is finding the right warehousing space. The demand spike brought by the pandemic and the various procurement challenges of the current global supply chain has made warehousing a difficult task for businesses. The companies are bulking up their inventory rather than run the risk of running out. Needless to say, here arises a need for a suitable and reliable solution.

Headquartered in Mumbai, GPK Logistech is India's first marketplace for storage spaces from all across the country. The company offers services like leasing, renting, and sale of storage spaces, insurance for storage spaces, structural audit for storage spaces, 3PL space registration, warehouse management system (WMS), and land audit. They provide an AI/ML-based app, named StoreMart that provides 100 percent authentic information regarding registered spaces as there is no manual intervention while registering. There are over 3000 warehouses and built to suit land pieces and over one crore twenty lakhs square feet of area registered under this app.

Introducing StoreMart
StoreMart is the only comprehensive tech platform in the marketplace that facilitates storage, warehousing across the country with the most authentic information. "We are the first digital enabler of option for flexible tenure ranging from one month to nine years", says Duttprasad Kapur, Founder & CEO of GPK Logistech. The app provides a seamless experience throughout the various processes like shortlisting and contracting
the warehouses and signing the contract, all on the app itself. Highly flexible and reliable service is offered in finding apt storage spaces as per their commodity.

StoreMart Eye is a patented (applied for) platform enabled by an AI/ML proprietary algorithm StoreMart Eye. This algorithm performs automatic calculation and Image collectionof the warehouse facilities and requires only minimal manual intervention. The platform provides precise information about warehouses across the country. The algorithm captures and uploads photographs and creates the walkthrough of the warehouse to provide the facilities to the customers. This largely helps in building trust among the potential customer base.

Moreover, the In-house StoreMart WMS software aids businesses facing issues with warehouse inventories. In most cases, the traders do not have apt WMS and maintain inventory on excel sheet which cause a huge difference in their inventory. Also, invoicing becomes complicated since it is linked to the dispatch and needs to be done separately. The company's WMS allows businesses to maintain inventory digitally. An operator can pick and dispatch the inventory from the app and create the invoices in real-time. Furthermore, StoreMart completely automates the warehouse space leasing value chain. This includes listing, discovery, selection, deal negotiation, and finalizing the paperwork.

We are the first digital enabler of option for flexible tenure ranging from one month to nine years

Interestingly, Kapur comes with over 23 years of experience in the logistics industry. The entrepreneur in him was able to identify the need for assistance in the landscape for finding apt warehouses. Hence in 2020, he along with the CFO and CTO of GPK Logistech Vishnu Khandelwal and Nitin Chaurey launched an app in September 2021 to solve all the major concerns that were haunting the industry. This app address customers' major pain points like lack of knowledge about the spaces, lack of transparency, lack of clarity in terms and conditions, fewer options, high commission charges, local intervention, and multiple agent involvements.

With over 800 premium customers, 39 contracted properties, and 8 land parcel audit projects, GPK Logistech continues its journey successfully in the logistics space. Kapur and team plan to become the most desired company for storage spaces in India and intend to cater to the 3PL industry stalwarts and all the corporate giants. They will be launching five new products in the coming year and looks forward to a future where the revenue will be inspiring.