GR Agritek: Integrating Cutting Edge Technologies to Offer Innovative Agri-Tech Solutions




The agriculture sector of the country has witnessed a multitude of changes and innovations over the course of last few decades. One such innovation that many considered would be a game-changer for the farming community of the country is the introduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

While both these served their purposes, it was not without a fair share of drawbacks and demerits. The unscientific usage of these harmful products on the crops has led to massive natural and social challenges for both, the farmers and the people consuming those agricultural products. GR Agritek was founded with the primary motive to eliminate the use of the harmful pesticides in farming as much as possible and to an extent where it will not only adversely affect humans and nature in general. The company uses a drone assisted nano-sensor for detection and remediation of the automated pesticide spraying. To trap the pests and thus disrupt the mating in order to ensure the protection of crops from the damages caused by pests, GR Agritek uses slow-release type semio-chemicals.

With a solid team of automation engineers, biotechnologists, organic chemistry experts, and software and hardware specialists, GR Agritek is providing best in class services for the farming community of the country.
“We have the know-how regarding automation using robots and that is how came across the use of drones for agriculture pesticide spraying. In one of the exhibitions, we met some scientists who had developed nano-sensor and gels for the use in farming and thus, we gave birth to the idea of integrating many such innovative technologies with our engineering knowledge to successfully make an end product which solves the problems faced by the farming community at large”, says Raghu, Founder, GR Agritek.

While these products have the social flavour of serving the farmers and improving the health of people, they also make a wonderful business plan and that made us all come together. As the world population is going to reach the mark of 10 billion in the next 10 years, GR Agritek thought it is the right time to venture into agri-tech and contribute to humanity.
By enabling the youth of rural India to become our drone operators, the firm ensures that high tech jobs are created locally and thus, preventing migration of the rural populous to the urban cities in search of jobs.

GR Agritek is also emphasizing on serving the farming community engaged in organic farming where the farmland is anywhere between 1 acre to even 50 acres and more

GR Agritek is also emphasizing on serving the farming community engaged in organic farming where the farmland is anywhere between 1 acre to even 50 acres and more. The company’s pest traps for fruit flies are very handy, affordable and give out quick results for 478 varieties of fruits and vegetables. This solution is very much in popular demand given the fact that consumers are more and more educated about the harmful effects of pesticides and thus organic farming is prominently preferred. So, those involved in such healthy methods are only willing to choose brands with an impeccable track record such as GR Agritek.

GR Agritek is also contributing to a move towards pesticide free world by embracing affordable, cost effective methods in agriculture. In the future, the company is planning to become the number one technology provider of the Indian farming community, thus, generating a revenue of 50 million Indian rupees and there onwards to have a year-on-year growth of 20 percent within one years’ time. To realize their vision, GR Agritek is planning to introduce atl east two new innovative products contributing hugely to the growth of their revenue which will enable them to continue supporting their research activities.