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Raghavendra Sheshamurthy,Founder & MDThe story of is one of audacity and entrepreneurship. The expedition dates back to a time when Raghavendra.S graduated from a top institute in Paris and was in search of the ‘right’ job. It was more than six months and the search continued. Fortunate enough to sail through the tough times with his savings, Raghavendra perceived that many of his friends were going through the same, infact worse. Many of them had educational loans and other financial commitments to meet and the pain of not finding a job and lack of a proper support system further was weakening them. That moment, Raghavendra took a vow to do something to better the situation.

Keeping his word, over the years, he travelled across the world and met many students only to learn the dire need of a definite platform that can help the ‘fresh graduates’ find right jobs and provide skill related, value added learning material. His enthusiasm took fruition in early 2016 with launching of, an
exclusive recruitment platform for freshers that not just connects them to the right employers, but also provides value added learning material to help them land their favorite jobs quick and easy.

gradcrew has built gradcrew GET module (GET - gradcrew employability tests) wherein an employer while posting a job has an option to add a screening test

Driven by the commitment to provide a solution to freshers and help them in their career, gradcrew follows a 3 prong strategy to take on the challenge of putting together a right team. The company has an aggressive social media presence that helps reaching to lakhs of grads. Not only this, gradcrew has tie ups with college placement officers and students for their ‘GC champions’ program, where they promote the benefits of to their students, peers and get them on board. “For colleges/ campuses we have created a module on our site, where they can host their college/students and manage their placement activities using our tools. This way an engineering college in small town like Bellary can reach out to employers across India, instead of depending only on local connects or let students figure things out on their own,” he says.
Ultra Cool Learning Material, Tools & Tricks

Functioning exclusively for the freshers, team gradcrew has developed GET module (GET - gradcrew employability tests) wherein an employer while posting a job has an option to add a screening test. “When a candidate applies, he is also required to take the test online on our site. As a result only CVs of those who qualify will be sent for employers for next round of selection. So in one stroke the hefty cost and time involved in screening is eliminated by us,” he adds.

Additionally, with the help of their gradcrew toolbox, the company offers short ‘value added learning material’ which help the candidates increase their chances of landing a job, by learning latest in their domain, gain from their soft skill material built to infuse confidence to face interviews, improve communication and leadership skills.

Known for connecting fresher to great jobs and value added learning material, gradcrew follows an open work culture, driven by the passion for ‘Making a Change’. The company is said to build a global platform for freshers which would merge the fun of Facebook and the influence of LinkedIn. “Along with our strong commitment in India, we want to launch in USA during 2017 and we hope to gain a great momentum both in India and USA in 2017 and deliver on our promise,” he concludes enthusiastically.