Grand Works: Shaping the digital space for great businesses

Hampus Olsson & Siddharth Ashok,FoundersWe dwell in the digital era where everything is accessible just at a click. While huge information is available at their fingertips, people are quite choosy in what they want to access. With the plethora of options in stock, they go to what's best presented and what seems aligned to their needs. All these factors are increasing the need for brands to gain the population's attention on the web by enhancing the digital identity. Portraying brand presence effectively has already turned as a crucial aspect to promote and drive the business to excellence. Several start-ups are mushrooming in the digital marketing sector to create a unique identity for the companies and exhibit their existence effectively. GrandWorks is one such company which moulds the digital identity of the clients and brings them to the audience focus with best in class solutions.

Siddharth Ashok, comes with robust expertise in front-end development and Wordpress designing. As an active member of the Wordpress Goa community, he continues to advance its popularity as a reliable, versatile platform for businesses. This techygeek teamed up with Hampus Olsson, an accomplished designer who is passionate to push the boundaries and enhance the way how design can make a tangible change through experience, established GrandWorks to give unique edge and identity to brands.
Venturing as a startup in Goa-a locus of talent and productivity, came with its own set of challenges like lack of notable tech startups and less traffic in terms of business when compared to Indian metro cities. In regards to this, it organized several start-organization meetups through Startup Goa and Wordpress Goa forums. This overtime, incubated into the bigger community.

"We have been very fortunate to work with some great international clients who have given us the creative freedom to express ourselves. With regard to competition, we tend to focus on ourselves while keeping a tab on what's happening in the industry. We believe that great work speaks for itself. If you follow those principles, the right clients will come your way," says Siddharth Ashok, Founder, GrandWorks.

Grandworks' future focus is on growing our relationships with enterprise clients, both in India and globally

The company encourages inevitable changes in expectations of clients, with the thought `brightest ideas come from obstacle'. The work culture of GrandWorks welcomes trend change and behaviour shift of clients. The proficient team of GrandWorks is unique and each of them is well specialized in a specific domain. It doesn't follow the hierarchy-based system of working. It sums up the cozy, curious, friendly and inspiring environment "We believe this makes people feel like part of a family. We also offer remote working opportunities which drive productivity and job satisfaction," he informs, cheerfully.

The client base is not just in Goa, it is extended to Europe as well. Building relationships centered on trust, accountability, and communication are core values at GrandWorks. In a relatively short time as a digital agency, it is working with reputed brands like OnePlus, GANT, Spotify and UpCloud, Borosil, and more. It has also a worked with the Andhra Pradesh Government. "From our humble beginnings working out of a co-working space, we have moved into a beautiful little Portuguese villa in Goa to accommodate our growing family at GrandWorks," he exclaims.

The company is aiming to create tools for freelancers and business owners to manage their business efficiently. It uses proven Agile Methodology. "As a company, our future focus is on growing our relationships with enterprise clients, both in India and globally, and is currently testing the grounds in digital marketing," he concludes.