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Krishna Grandhi,FounderKrishna Grandhi is an Attorney-at-Law and a Patent Attorney in the U.S. He is also a practicing lawyer before the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad. Krishna is uniquely positioned in the Indian legal market as one of the select few U.S. Patent Attorneys who is dual qualified as an Indian lawyer. During his legal career, Krishna worked on a number of cross-border deals with clients located in India. It was during this time that he recognized that there was a need for a professionally-run and managed law firm in India, which could bring about top-class US-style work ethic into the fray. His vision was to set up a firm that focused on quality, processes, customer service, and results. When he moved back to India in 2014, he incepted Grandhi Law Chambers (GLC) in Hyderabad.

GLC began its operations initially focused on Intellectual Property (IP), i.e., patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs. GLC meticulously made the most of the opportunity and worked towards mitigating the time, expense, and resource issues of cross-border IP filings, thereby becoming a one-stop shop for their clients for all things IP.From there, the firm has steadily evolved as a multi-disciplinary law firm with robust practices in corporate advisory, commercial transactions, media & entertainment, and corporate commercial litigation practices.

Sailing Against the Wind
After the initial success, one of the early challenges for GLC was warming its clients up to the idea of a multi-disciplinary law firm, when the norm was still single-practice-area-focused. Throwing light on the challenges, Krishna speaks, “Although the practice of law existed in India for centuries, the idea of a multi-disciplinary law firm has been a relatively new one. Although cities like Bombay and Delhi have always been a step ahead, the concept was relatively new in a city like Hyderabad. So, the one challenge that we had to overcome as a law firm was to introduce the idea of a professionally-run multi-disciplinary legal services entity to our clients in Hyderabad.”
Once a client’s buy-in was accomplished, GLC quickly moved focus to work with the client on what mattered the most - the quality of work-product, the speed of delivery and the quality of outcomes. Since then, there has been no looking back for GLC.

Legal Assistance at its Best

GLC is now best known as a top-end law firm that provides high-quality and high-value services to clients, with an emphasis on practical and business-centric solutions. GLC is forging ahead to provide comprehensive legal services for its clients, be it transactional and advisory, IP-related, ADR-centric, or litigation-oriented. They are now one of the few firms locally that focus on end-to-end corporate litigation involving a company and its board or management, including commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and litigation involving white collar crimes and economic offenses.
One area where GLC has made a huge dent is its commitment towards helping startups. “We have successfully counseled over 50 startups in the last year, from inception to exit, from local deals to international acquisitions. We have been
selected as one of the three legal partners for T-hub, which is the largest startup incubator in India, incubating more than 125 startups,” he says.

Best known for providing high-quality and high-value services to clients with an emphasis on practical and business-centric solutions, GLC intends to become an advisory and litigation powerhouse in both Telangana and AP

Narrating future developments, Krishna talks about his vision of expanding GLC’s service offerings to Amaravati, the new capital of AP, where the team is eager to establish itself as a strong corporate and IP advisory destination as well as a powerful litigation house. “Additionally, we are working on a new digital legal platform that would offer India's first fully digitized legal services for startups and SMEs,” he concludes enthusiastically.