PureFuel Energy: Greener Alternative To Fossil Fuel

Miten Rajesh Shah & Bipin Kumar,DirectorsThe issues of use of fossil fuel have been talked about numerous times. There have been a number of efforts to develop fuel that would suffice the need of pollution less alternative to fossil fuels. Research has been conducted to not only ensure the development of such an alternative but stress has been put to ensure that these fuels are made readily available to the individuals. This need has reckoned the building of right infrastructure that can support the production as well as delivery of the products to the end users.

A long term research and study on such aspects have bored the fruit giving way to reduce dependence on the fossil fuels. Now, BioDiesel has entered the picture which can be considered to be rightful alternative to fossil fuels to run vehicles. India has come up with the right plan that includes making BioDiesel available commercially. BioDiesel stations and outlets are therefore important to be set up in a planned manner. This will ensure that the both the B2B as well as the B2C sector is able to make the most out of this. PureFuel Energy is a company that has come into existence in the year 2020 to ensure that this process is completed smoothly.

Biodiesel Initiative By Purefuel Energy
India is one of those countries that have the highest price of diesel. This also makes it important for the nation to opt for a cheaper alternative to diesel. BioDiesel happens to be one such opportunity that is not only cheap but is also safer in nature. PureFuel Energy works closely with the Government Authorities in achieving Government of India's vision to make India independent of fuel import and in reducing the country's carbon footprint. BioDiesel will be PureFuel's First step towards accomplishing this vision.

PureFuel's first foray is into bringing in a breakthrough penetration and establishment across India in development and management of Retail Ecosystem in Bio-Diesel distribution. On close invigilation it is understood that there is a need of right research and strategic planning to make the project a success. Presence of Retail Outlet Stations and Mobile Dispensing Units at the strategic locations is very important to bring about B2Cand B2BBioDiesel solutions. PureFuel is on the verge of bringing a Bio-Diesel revolution in retail market of India.

Journey Of PureFuel Energy
PureFuel Energy has a vision to bring a change to the Indian land-scape. According to the Managing Director, Captain Bipin Kumar, they have envisioned their journey to develop a confidence among the Indian customers towards the so many aspects through which BioDiesel along with the Highest Quality of BioDiesel Fuel. The company believes a revolution in the Retailing of the BioDiesel segment is not possible with-out having both ­the reach and the quality confidence in the minds of the consumers.

PureFuel Energy is also determined to keep a check on the quality of the product in order to ensure that the quality standard match with the government affiliated quality standards. Bipin Kumar says, "Consistent use of high quality BioDiesel is also going to contribute to a safer and greener air in India, which holds the second largest position in the world in terms of population."

The visionary Managing Director of PureFuel
Energy believes the goal of reaching the most mundane population with their product is possible by establishing large number of retailing and mobile fuelling outlets at top transport hubs, roadways and highways of India. The well-experienced team of 50 officials in the company have been working on the multiple factors involved in the planning and decision-making behind establishing such fuelling outlets to suffice the retail as well as B2B needs of India.

Story Behind Establishment
Extensive research is although important to set up a project like this, it can be said even with little knowledge of India's fuel usage that India is one of the largest interstate and intercity transport hubs of the World. Such large of a transport network has not been backed by even one alternative to fossil transport fuel that is petrol and diesel. Looking at this factor, the Government of India, in its Bio Diesel Policy of 2018 has clearly jotted down its aim to promote a substitute to fossil fuels by Domestic Biodiesel. As stated by the MD of the company and a Pilot by Profession Captain Bipin Kumar, "This mega push by the government in the policy along with mandatory blending compulsory use of biodiesel made us believe even more in the future of Bio Diesel in India." Hence, this triggered the priority for establishment of PureFuel Energy which has the view of contributing to National Energy Security and Climate Change mitigation at its core. Besides, the company has also been established with a view to create employment opportunities in a sustainable manner.

Core Values
PureFuel Energy has put certain important features as its core value. The most important of them is to ensure that the government's idea is matched in a very sustainable manner. PureFuel Energy has also taken into consideration the aspects of technology to build up a system of functioning that will give way to Technologically Advanced Fuels over next 50 years in India. This is done, along with having some of the most advanced Retailing Technologies at the Retail Outlets. PureFuel Energy is also determined in its journey to ensure that they provide highest quality and 100% Adulteration Free Bio Diesel to its consumers. To make this process error free, Captain Bipin Kumar states, "the company follows for each of its batch delivered at the Retail outlets ­ a stringent Internal Quality Testing process where in samples from each batch are tested and certified at government approved laboratories." Now, this is a step worth relying on.

Transparency in its production process and distribution operations is another core value of PureFuel Energy. Therefore, the company has made sure that Quality Testing Report of the Bio Diesel of the Batch in action at that point of time, is available for its consumers' verification.

Purefuel energy works closely with the government authorities in achieving government of India's vision to make India in dependent of fuel import and in reducing the country's carbon footprint

Major Milestones And Future Roadmap
The company has been incorporated with a strong inner committee that consists of professionals from aviation industry and experienced finance experts. A team passionate to bring the next big revolution in Indian BioDiesel business has been able to reach certain milestones in the smallest of times. PureFuel is currently working at 100 per cent revenue growth year-over-year. While the company deals in both B2B and B2C sales, it is estimated that in the financial year of 2020-21 the company will be able to clock over Rs. 100 Million in terms of revenue from Retail Outlet (RO) dealerships and other B2B sales.

While speaking about the future roadmap of PureFuel Energy, Captain Bipin Kumar says, "PureFuel Energy is establishing India's Largest Bio Diesel Retail Outlet with 1,0000 Litres of Capacity of fuelling per day in Maharashtra." This will be India's Largest BioDiesel Retailing Outlet. In order to haste up the process the company also advanced in its land acquisition process for aforesaid Company owned Retail Outlet. Along with this, PureFuel is coming up with multiple Retail Outlet Dealerships across states of Maharashtra, Bihar, UP, West Ben-gal, Rajasthan and Gujarat in 2021.

“Purefuel energy has put certain important features as its core value”

Currently PureFuel is accepting very limited Invitations and Bids for New BioDiesel Dealerships and is looking to work with partners and selected group of Investors who are passionate for BioDiesel and believe in doing good and value driven business. Each PureFuel Retail Outlet costs approximately Rs. 50-75 Lakhsper Dealership ­and is one the most advanced Retail Bio Diesel Outlets in India.

It was very clear from the words of the Managing Director of the company that PureFuel aims to keep up the momentum that it has achieved in such short period over the next 2 years. Thus, the aim is to set up 100 Retail Outlets across the national map by 2022. According to the Finance Director and company Spokesperson Mr.Miten Shah, "This makes the popularity of Bio Diesel and the consumer confidence on a very strong level for the general public at large to avail the maximum advantage of the government of India's vision."