GreenFortune: Re-defining Construction Industry with Quality & Cost-Effective Window & Door Systems

Dilip Kumar & Pratyusha Kosaraju,  FoundersModern technology, including AI, automation, and robotics, has a positive impact on many industries, and the construction sector is not an exception. Similar to how it happened with architecture, cutting-edge new technologies are making construction safer, more effective, data-driven, and environmentally friendly. GREENFORTUNE (Parent company TRAUMBUILD ANDESINFRA SOLUTIONS), headquartered in Hyderabad, is a platform powered by technology and an innovative business model which improves the efficiency of window and door installations in construction projects. The company has emerged as a game-changer with its unique model under the brand name GREENFORTUNE window and door systems. Since its inception in May' 22, the company has experienced rapid growth in the Hyderabad market.

Offering Comprehensive Products & Solutions to Real Estate Industry
With an unwavering commitment to delivering high quality products at affordable prices, GREENFORTUNE has gained a competitive advantage in an industry where quality and cost are significant concerns. The firm’s packaged offering of products and services provides a win-win situation for both end customers and contractors. GREENFORTUNE focuses on solving supply and demand side problems while maintaining superior quality and cost efficiency. This has made them the preferred brand in the market.
The product range of GREENFORTUNE primarily consists of window and door systems but the company plans to have a full range of products in the Joinery and Facade categories within 18 months. The company’s inhouse design, product development and quality teams work diligently to develop market-relevant products in the most economical manner. All materials undergo rigorous testing in government-accredited facilities, ensuring compliance with international standards such as EN, ISO, ASTM, and GB. This dedication to quality and effectiveness guarantees that customers receive durable and reliable solutions.

“To gain customer validation for their products and solutions, we actively engage with customers to provide technical support, optimize designs and offer cost saving solutions. By prioritizing supply chain efficiency and technical expertise, the company fosters long term relationships with its customers and establishes itself as a trusted partner in the construction industry”, expressed Pratyusha Kosaraju and Dilip Kumar, Founders of GREENFORTUNE.

Furthermore, at the core of GREENFORTUNE’s success is its unique tech platform PARTNERGATE. This platform integrates design, Bill-ofMaterals (BOM) estimation, procurement, order management and warranty process into a single interface, streamlining the entire process for fabricators. Additionally, the platform enables easy and professional end-customer quotation generation, offering complete transparency on materials and specifications. With such exceptional products and solutions, the company has already served esteemed clients such as Vasavi Group and leading institutions such as Aurobindo Pharma amongst a large number of schools, offices, and government organizations within a short span of time. “Recently, GREENFORTUNE completed a successful seed fundraise of $1 million, attracting investments from renowned institutional investors and industry leaders, showcasing confidence in their innovative approach. These investors include Incubate Fund, Titan Capital, Partners Fund Japan and Varun Alagh, Founder of Mamaearth. The funds will fuel geographic expansion, product development and technological enablement, while the company aims to expand its channel partner network and address industry challenges with its innovative approach”, states Dilip Kumar, Co-Founder, GREENFORTUNE.

Looking ahead, GREENFORTUNE aims to become India's leading Joinery and Facade focused brand serving both budget and premium segments, embodying the core values of quality, service, dependability, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging innovative technology, delivering superior customer experiences and expanding its product portfolio, GREENFORTUNE envisions a future where they play a pivotal role in transforming the construction industry.