GRIP Consulting: Infusing Innovation Driven Services into HR

Abhirup Banerjee &  Monali Basu,Co-Founder & Director & Co-Founder

Abhirup Banerjee & Monali Basu

Co-Founder & Director & Co-Founder

In this tough competitive environment where resource demand does not meet supply,the cost of a wrong hire could lead to complete loss of organizational goal.Thus organizations spend considerable amount of time, effort and cost to ensure the well-being and growth of their people by hiring vendors and HR services providers, but most of the time organizations feel that services provided by them are not completely fulfilling the need of the hour. To address this issue, Abhirup Banerjee (Co-Founder & Director, GRIP Consulting) along with his partner Monali Basu (Co-Founder, GRIP Consulting), felt that there was a definite need to infuse radical thinking in the field of HR and started GRIP Consulting with a mission to establish HR as a revenue function within organizations rather than just being a support function fulfilling the needs of the market.“The primary area where we segregate ourselves is – we want to establish HR as a revenue function in all organizations, and create value to help them grow,” says Abhirup.

GRIP brings seasoned recruiting brains with in-depth industry knowledge to its clients to address the decreasing quality in the recruitment industry

Innovation Driven Services

Founded in 2015, GRIP Consulting is a one-stop HR services company which provides services in the form of recruitment, learning solutions and HR consulting. The flagship products of the company include two of the most innovative learning solutions named ‘The Bench’ and ‘Players’ for today’s industry needs to help all generations excel and perform at the highest level. The Bench is a carefully designed learning program for the under graduate and post graduate students waiting on the side-lines to enter into the corporate world. On the other hand, Players is a more refined program catering the needs of corporate employees to prepare them for bigger challenges and train them to excel and perform.

Apart from these flagship products, GRIP also does neuro-linguistic program interventions for its clients and corporates. Along with all these services,GRIP brings seasoned recruiting brains with in-depth industry knowledge to its clients to address the decreasing quality in the recruitment industry. It not only identifies resources, but also ensures that a prospective
employee becomes the best person fit for the job for the employers.

Excellence at its Best

With a mission very unique, GRIP works very closely with its clients to make them realize the importance and value of their mission,which makes GRIP stand out among its competitors. Working mostly with organizations which are not been able to manage and set procedures for the HR domain, GRIP not only helps them with high level strategy but also analyses the problems, implement solutions and sometimes execute them on behalf of the clients, similar to what it did for a KPO company. The KPO never had a strong HR and was in need of a HR service provider that could help it implement HR consulting recommendations. So GRIP implemented performance management systems, learning cultures, and a unique concept called Work group in the KPO, which was to help their employee engagement within the floor. Within nine months, results started flowing in with a complete overhaul in the HR system and a huge change in the thought process of the employees.

Awarded as the most promising HR startup by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, GRIP is now working to educate the startups and SMEs about the importance of HR services.It is also looking to expand itself nationally and internationally (Malaysia, Nigeria and Myanmar) and hopes its revenue to reach around Rs.2 crore in the coming two years.