Grow Smart Greens: Popularizing Hyper-Local Gardening to Support Community of Local Fresh Food Growers

Manisha Tidke,FounderIndia is the sixth-largest economy in the world with a population of 1.3 billion and the food trends in India are undergoing an all-time change due to globalization. With the current food chain broken and an increase in the price of edible greens, it has become difficult to meet the food requirements of the people. Gourmet restaurants and discerning customers are increasing the demand for culinary herbs. On the other hand, recent researchers have found that adding plants to an office space changes the entire set-up and feel of the place. It also intensifies the efficiency, as well as the productivity of the employees. Click and Grow Smart Gardens is precisely addressing these needs. The firm is the value-added partner for Click & Grow, a European based company that offers high-quality indoor gardens with a mission to popularize hyper-local gardening.

Grow Smart Greens is confident that, through its association with ‘Click and Grow’, the firm can contribute to Mother Nature and spread the goodness and benefits of indoor gardens in India. Smart Garden products are highly automated and inspired by NASA smart soil technology which keeps the oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients at an optimum level for plants to thrive naturally.

Click & Grow Smart Gardens have a zero-maintenance benefit and requires no sunlight, no daily watering or fertilizing. There are four varieties of products. The Smart Garden 3
allows you to grow three plants automatically by making sure they have enough water, light and nutrients at all times. The Smart Garden 9- allows you to grow nine plants at a time in this Smart Garden that has all the essential components required for them to self-sustain.

Wall Farm Mini- in which you can grow 34 indoor plants shoulder-to-shoulder with least amount of effort. The Wall farm Mini is a vertical garden stand that lets you grow fresh herbs, flowers, and veggies all year round in your home, corporate spaces or cafeterias.

Lastly, we have Wall Farm that allows you to grow 51 plants at a time. It can be placed suitably in an office, house, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, or grocery store and can yield fresh products all year round owing to the use of Smart Soil that contains no added chemicals or plant growth hormones”, shares Manisha Tidke, Founder, Grow Smart Greens.

These gardens allow you to grow a variety of 25 plant pods ranging from fresh herbs, fruits and veggies to flowers with minimum effort. These plant pods include 5 types of Basils, Kale, Mini tomatoes, Petunia flowers, Busy Lizzie, Wild strawberries, Dwarf pees and many more.

Grow Smart Greens is the value-added partner for Click & Grow, a European based company that offers high-quality indoor gardens with a mission to popularize hyperlocal gardening

All one needs to do is insert the plant pod, add water, plug in the Smart Garden and you’re all set. It’s extremely useful for city dwellers with no outdoor space who want to grow houseplants. The plant pods used are GMO free, require 95 percent less water, carry 600 percent more oxygen, grow 35 percent faster and the best part is all this is without the use of any harmful substances such as pesticides, or insecticides. Grow Smart Greens has added 400+ (B2B and B2C) happy customers in the last 3 months in more than 30 cities in India and the company is planning to add more plants in its portfolio in the future.

Also, in 2020, Click & Grow is enhancing the technology of Smart Gardens for improved user experience. Grow Smart Greens believes that everyone deserves to enjoy clean fresh food and air, and the company is working round the clock to accomplish this vision. Smart Indoor gardens not only encourage a healthy and chic lifestyle but it also helps to spread happiness in the community.