Growth Quest: Revolutionizing the Future of Mutual Fund Distribution

  Diipesh Daghha,     FounderIn a world where traditional models of mutual fund distribution are being left behind, a new era of innovation and disruption has emerged. Growth Quest, a trailblazing startup, has taken up the mantle of reshaping the investment landscape. Founded in 2018, Growth Quest has quickly made its mark by offering investors a transformative experience, one that is accessible, transparent, and tailored to individual needs. With a relentless focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, the firm is defying conventions and driving unprecedented innovation within the financial industry. As the firm continues to gain momentum, there is no doubt that Growth Quest is empowering a wider range of individuals to navigate the captivating world of capital markets.

The firm takes great pride in providing comprehensive financial guidance to its clients with a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable financial experts. With its in-depth knowledge of capital markets, mutual fund investments, insurance, and tax laws, Growth Quest provides tailored investment recommendations to clients based on their longterm and short term financial goals. The company’s core purpose is to deliver fast track financial solutions that enable individuals to achieve financial well being. “At Growth Quest, we prioritize a goal-based investment approach for our clients. Many investors come to us without clear goals in mind, which often leads to shorter investment durations and a lack of commitment. Our focus is to shift the emphasis from returns to goals. Rather than
solely chasing high returns, we help clients define and prioritize their financial objectives”, speaks Diipesh Daghha, Founder, Growth Quest.

At Growth Quest, the firm embarks on a captivating voyage to unlock the secrets of personal finance, weaving together a tapestry of services tailored to clients’ needs. “When onboarding a new client, our first step is to understand their background and journey in personal finance thus far. We recognize that clients may have preconceived notions. Therefore, we educate them on the fundamentals of personal finance, including the impact of inflation on savings and the importance of aligning investments with rising costs”, says Diipesh. The firm specializes in offering retail investors a seamless and accessible investment experience through its wide array of services. Recognizing the challenges of direct equity trading, Growth Quest advocates the use of mutual funds as an ideal investment vehicle. The company’s focus lies in guiding clients towards mutual funds, particularly SIPs, which encourage disciplined monthly investments and allow flexibility in investment amounts. “In addition to mutual funds, we also provide recommendations for alternative investment options such as peer-to-peer lending and PMS based on client requirements”, says Diipesh.

Growth Quest strives to redefine the concept of personal finance, guiding its clients towards a prosperous future

Growth Quest boasts a formidable team of financial experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Leading the way is Diipesh Daghha, the founder of the firm, with a remarkable 15 years of expertise in the Indian financial markets. With an MBA in Finance and a background as a Trader, Investor, and Equity Research Analyst, Diipesh possesses a profound understanding of financial markets, investment management, and risk management. Complementing his prowess is the esteemed CA Ketki Dagha, a Tax Consultant with over 15 years of experience in the Finance, Accounting, and Taxation realm. As a Chartered Accountant specializing in Accountancy, Taxation, and Audit, Assurance, Ketki spearheads the taxation vertical of the company.

Based in the vibrant city of Mumbai, Growth Quest is a single-location firm that serves clients nationwide. While its headquarters are currently situated in Mumbai, the firm aspires to expand its presence throughout the entire length and breadth of India. With a strong emphasis on promoting financial literacy, Growth Quest conducts personal finance workshops both online and offline. These workshops cater to a diverse range of audiences, including colleges, corporate offices, private institutions, and housing societies.