Groww: Fastest Growing Investment Platform

Harsh Jain, Co-Founder & COO

Harsh Jain

Co-Founder & COO

A simplified approach to investing is what is attracting a new generation of first time investors into the market. An online investing platform is a great place to get the feet wet for someone new to investing. But the challenge lies in changing the short term perspective that investors have when they invest in mutual funds. While mutual funds are excellent investment instruments to offer inflation beating returns, investors must understand the long term game and invest based on their investment horizon and risk profile. Bangalore based Groww is one of India’s fastest growing investment platforms that simplify the process of investing in Mutual Funds. Groww’s philosophy is to empower investors with all the necessary tools and resources so that they make smart investment decisions by them.

As a platform, Groww is easy to use and the in-app communication is very simple and straightforward, catering to experienced and novice investors alike. What differentiates it from its contemporaries is the transparency. There is complete information about each AMC and the mutual funds to invest in. All mutual funds are methodically categorized according to the asset class, risk, and fund size. Not only this, investors can also compare the performance of multiple mutual funds of the same or different category to
make a more informed decision. Besides, there are many in app resources to help investors at each step of their investment journey. There is a Learn about Mutual Funds section in the app which has videos to help beginners ease into investing in mutual funds and provide all beginner level guidance.

The Groww app is easy to use and the in app communication is very simple and straightforward, catering to experienced and novice investors alike

The company follows a jargon free approach to communication with users both in in app communication and the content. Right from paperless on boarding to easy navigation to offering multiple features like investing via multiple modes, tracking investments, transparent information about all funds, help and education resources, it creates immense value for users as an investment platform. “Essentially, we offer the benefit of investing in direct mutual funds with the support offered by regular mutual fund plans; offering the best of both worlds to the users. Furthermore, investors who have invested in regular plans earlier can now switch to direct plans on the app as well to stop further losses in commission,” says Harsh Jain, Co-Founder & COO, Groww.

The Path Travelled
The concept of Groww took shape while the founders were exploring an opportunity that would impact millions and something that all of them were passionate about. They perceived the complications and opaqueness related to any financial product. They delved deep and launched Groww in April 2017 to make investing simpler and easier for firsttime investors. Initially, it took a lot of time for understanding the market and identifying the real problem for the users and also experimenting with the solutions to work out on the right user experience. “We had to ship a safe and secure product and that took us some time to build. Today, we have earned the trust and satisfaction of more than 2 million users on our platform in a short time,’he asserts.

Groww has been showing strong numbers both in terms of growth and adoption. In just two years, it has 2.5 million plus users. The app currently has a play store rating of 4.6 and sees almost 500K monthly downloads. “We are seeing a 20 percent month on month growth in the number of new investors on our platform. To scale up, we are also looking to expand our team to 200 plus in the coming months,” concludes Harsh.