Guerrillas: Creating Digital Footprints One Step-at-a-Time

Founded in the year 2017, Guerrillas is an advertising agency which puts forward impressive services that enable brands to position themselves better in their respective sectors. The agency prides itself in communicating the right kind of message to the right set of audience with the right set of tools at the right time. Based out of New Delhi, Guerrillas incubates the bustling culture of creativity and blends it perfectly with consumer insights to create a highly resonating brand persona.

The Inception
The agency had its humble beginnings when its Founder, Mr Vishal Saini, who hails from an engineering background, stepped forward to promote one of his friend's printing business in the Delhi-NCR region. As a former Aerospace Engineer, having a penchant for finding simple solutions to complex problems came naturally to him. Needless to say, this trait helped him strategize his approach to perfection and execute it without a glitch.

If logic took him from A to B of engineering, it was imagination and his fascination with neat and clean designs that took him to new unchartered territories! The efficacy of advertising practices expanded his horizon as he witnessed how they empowered businesses with the right tool and message to reach the targeted audience, and improve their overall presence and perception.

This propelled him to venture deep into the advertising world.
One day while browsing through the internet, Vishal came across guerrilla warfare technique. What piqued his interest was that when a handful of people with the right technique and understanding of the terrain put all their energies together, they can win over a valiant army. This inspired him to create an expert branding and advertising
agency that visually leverages minimal elements for big-deep-great impact. Thus, Guerrillas was born.

The Dream
Having a dream and working towards a dream are two different things on the extreme opposite sides of the spectrum. Once the dream became clear, Vishal sprung into action and decided to pool resources with his friends who later assisted him into laying the foundation of Guerrillas.

The agency is established on the notion of creating a dais that assists businesses create a constructive footprint that instinctively up-heaves its existences to a crowning point.

Embracing the recent trends and newest technology, Guerrillas in every sense aspires to boost the growth and development of the brands

"Destiny played the card, a small interest and idea of helping a friend led to the establishment of not only a top-drawer advertising company but made me a founder of a huge business. This opened doors of new opportunities for me to endeavour and flourish,"states Vishal Saini, Founder, Guerrillas.

The Team
Guerrillas is supported by a team of highly creative, enthusiastic and hard working bunch. Each member is fastidious, as attention to detail plays a major part in the ‘business of creating a better brand outlook’. Till date, the agency has witnessed a positive advancement in terms of revenue, clients as well as geographical presence. The feedback towards its services have been great which facilitated its own promotion in the industry.

The Road Ahead
The agency is steadily finding its foothold in the advertising and branding industry. With this, it intends to have a stable grip over its financial status. By next year it aims to form a team of 100 people by hiring fresh talents and at the same time on board few experts who can help it enhance its products and services. The prime mover's overall aim is to upgrade the agency’s expertise and knowledge with the current trends and technology, acquire new stature in the industry and make the best out of all opportunities.