Gurusiksha: Creating A Holistic Environment For Imparting Better Learning

Dipak Jha, Founder & CEO

Dipak Jha

Founder & CEO

The basis of a student's academic career is K12 education. It teaches the fundamental knowledge and skills required for success in college and the industry. K-12 education is equally crucial in the development of responsible citizens and the preparation of young people for the difficulties of adulthood. As vital as K12 education is for students, deserving teachers in the education sector also need to be uplifted to help students add value to their learning. Hence, creating a robust environment where students can achieve the best and teachers can get the best experience.

With a Focus on the K12 segment, Gurusiksha is developing a hybrid paradigm to reform India's educational system which would create a win-win situation for both the students and teachers. Gurusiksha offers a hybrid concept of online/offline module-based classes which are tailored as per the requirements of a student. Gurusiksha ensures that students' academic and personal development is apparent. The platform offers robust module-based classes to help students study for national based examinations while also assisting them in covering the material on time without placing an additional burden on their child.

Offering Utmost Flexibility & Value Addition
Teachers can connect with the parents and
fix a time as per their preference and schedule. These master mentors who are partnered can schedule their tuition anytime from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. With this, the teachers have the liberty to work other shifts as well. Most importantly, Gurusiksha offers weekly payments where the teachers are paid every Tuesday. In addition, various teaching materials and modules are offered to tutors, considering the fact that different students come from different schools and subjects. Thus making it seamless for teachers to teach students with the right teaching materials and modules. For expert tutors, Gurusiksha is also developing a robust online teaching module so as to offer an environment where both teachers and students can thrive. Gurusiksha also thoroughly trains the teachers where it focuses on the credibility of an individual to teach students.

Gurusiksha naturally designs one-on-one individualized offline classes at the student's location under the supervision of an ex-pert mentor. Because each child is unique, Gurusiksha creates tailored classes for them to achieve maximum flexibility and productivity. Gurusiksha offers flexible, low-maintenance lessons to accommodate each student's particular needs, all with a shared vision of continuous progress. It focuses on practical solutions to help things last longer while still being enjoyable. Gurusiksha aids in the development of a child on an over all basis through intuitive module based classes, study materials, assignments, tests, premium classes, master classes, question banks, and more.

Currently, Gurusiksha is catering to students across different cities, majorly in Kolkata and Delhi where it offers hybrid classes. For cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, they are acting as an aggregator. Gurusiksha is working towards starting hybrid models in these cities in the near future as well.

Gurusiksha is a perfect amalgamation of people, processes, and technology backed by a robust infrastructure in place to offer the best in class learning experience. It is backed by a robust team of seasoned professionals who are always focused on driving operational excellence.

"Every parent today recognizes that grades are not that important, but understanding the notion is vital. We provide effective study resources that are intended to assist pupils in conceptualizing information rather than memorizing it. Gurusiksha will continue to focus on reinventing technology's teaching and learning experience and assisting educators in realizing the benefits of how technology can improve the teaching and learning experience in the future", concludes Dipak Jha, Founder & CEO at Gurusiksha.