Gyan Data: Data analytics driven customized solutions across industry verticals

Since 1990, improved computational power has paved the way for innovation, advanced techniques and new developments across industry verticals. One such technological innovation that has had a tremendous impact is Machine Learning. It is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. Most of the major technological companies have used it to develop software that can not only learn, but also make decisions without human intervention. Though machine learning can do wonders in improvising processes, its usage in the manufacturing sector has been limited. This caught the attention of two experienced academicians from IIT Madras, Dr. Raghunathan Rengaswamy, and Dr. Shankar Narasimhan, who bring a wealth of domain expertise and knowledge in the field of machine learning.

“Coming from the same background, and noticing that the application of Machine Learning was not as prevalent in manufacturing industries as compared to other sectors, we felt it was time to reach out to industry. Thus, Gyan Data was born out of the desire to implement Machine Learning with a special focus on the Indian manufacturing industry” says Raghunathan Rengaswamy, Co-Founder & Director, Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation and Holistic Solutions
“A think tank of 30+ well-experienced and skilled personnel, Gyan Data’s success lies in the strong articulation of the needs of its customers, agility in delivery, attuned with profound capabilities to render complete solutions for complex industry problems”. Located in the country’s most reputed industry-academia ecosystem - IIT Madras Research Park, gives the company a technically synergistic working
environment with access to research facilities and highly-skilled manpower. Gyan Data’s vision has always been to deliver data modelling and solutions to industries by using state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms. Its focus ondata reconciliation, product development and consultancy in data analytics cuts across industry domains. Some use cases in the process industry include surge analysis, water distribution systems, process modelling, control and optimsation, fault diagnosis, decision support systems and others.

Dr. Shankar Narasimhan & Dr. Raghunathan Rengaswamy,Co-Founders & Directors
Dr.Shankar Narasimhan& Dr.Raghunathan Rengaswamy

Co-Founders & Directors

“A think tank of 30+ well-experienced and skilled personnel, Gyan Data’s success lies in the strong understanding of the needs of our customers and agility in delivery, attuned with profound capabilities to render complete solutions for complex industry problems”

By bringing in three unique tech-applications viz. Engineering Analytics, Data Analytics and IoT, the company offers solutions to a wide range of industry problems. The solutions focus on a class of problems lending ‘domain agnosticity’ and possible leverage of solutions across industry types. They address manufacturing challenges and can be deployed
from sensor to enterprise level problems. Our ability to develop and deploy innovative and holistic solutions for clients requires clear articulation of clients’ problems and breaking it down into a mathematical formulation, which is then solved to meet the specific requirements of the businesses. These mathematical formulations fall into typical class of problems, which are leverage able thereby helping us deliver solutions across industry domains. “We try and get better insight into the problem, then translate it into a mathematical one, and then find a solution, thus giving end-to-end value” Raghunathan mentions.

Creative, complete and holistic solutions
Some of the notable IoT products of Gyan Data are:‘Intellimeter’– a patented proof-of-concept hardware solution that addresses the issue of non-standardized fare structure and passenger safety in Indian non-governmental metropolitan transport services,‘Shaft-Cam’, a novel product that inspects and analyses drilled foundation shafts ,and ‘Remote Operated Valve’ - a prototype that was developed in collaboration with IITM and aims to convert existing manually operated valves to control valves.

Gyan Data also serves clients in areas like financial analytics and supply chain logistics, NLP and CRM. Their key industry verticals include Process, Oil & Gas, Defence and Healthcare. Expected growth in revenues and a healthy pipeline of clients should enable us to make significant change to the Indian manufacturing industry with AI, ML, Data Science and more, Raghunathan concludes “In the coming years we hope to expand to other parts of the world and become one of the top companies in the field of Machine Learning.