Hala Mobility: A Full-Stack 150 EV Platform

Srikanth Reddy Kalakonda,    FounderAccording to the Ministry of Heavy Industries, 0.52 million EVs were registered in India over the last three years. The EV penetration in India has been pacing over the past few years, especially when the Government decided to intervene, promoting Green Energy. The global EV market is expected to increase pertaining to the given EV volumes that stand at 8.3 percent in 2021 from 4.2 percent in 2020 with 6.75 million vehicles on the road. The increase has crossed the estimated mark and stands at 108% as of 2020.

EVs have gained much attention across the globe as they help reduce emissions, are an alternative to the ever-rising petrol prices crisis, and save the depletion of natural resources. This, and all the added advantages that the EVs offer, the industry has attracted several entrants that can help with EV-related services. Incorporated in 2019, Hala Mobility is a multimodal EV shareable mobility platform that incorporates all EV-related services under a single spectrum.

Focused on Increasing EV Penetration in India
Hala Mobility provides buying/selling of EVs, EV charging stations, EV servicing, rentals, accessibility, etc on the platform. The user can simply download the app and can easily access all EV-related services. “The best part is that instead of choosing and scrolling over multiple physical/online channels for multiple EV services, Hala Mobility offers the entire ecosystem in one place”, says Srikanth, the founder. It has its presence in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Vishakapatnam.
The Indian EV market is also evolving and pacing up faster than expected. 0.32 million vehicles were sold in 2021 which sums up to an average of 168% YoY growth. The EV adoption in India is based on the Paris agreement to reduce carbon emissions and improve the air quality in urban areas and also reduce oil imports. The EVs are expected to accelerate to 475 Billion by 2025.

10 million scooters are needed every year in India with the corporates remaining at the forefront of pushing electric mobility. Budding entrepreneurs see this as a new opportunity to build and develop newer models to clamp on the opportunities in the entirely new market. Hala Mobility witnessed a huge scope in the EV industry and targeted the convenience of the end-user by solving the issues related to EV mobility and providing hassle-free operations on its platform.

5 years down the road, Hala plans to attract all EV transactions on its platform

Zero Carbon Footprint Startup
Being a zero carbon footprint startup, the impact that Hala has managed to create is that it saved up to 717 tonnes of fuel emissions through 722 scooters which is equivalent to saving as much as 200 thousand liters of fuel consumption. It has been recognized among Telangana’s top sustainable startups.

The impact that Hala Mobility creates is also concerned with the environment when looked upon from a macro perspective. The greener energy adoption is only possible if the penetration is larger. Hala is contributing its bit to the environment by being an aggregator to the EV penetration in India. The entire focus of the company is to increase the penetration through end-to-end support for the entire ecosystem under its platform.

Incorporated in 2019, the growth plan for the Financial Year 2022-2023 is to target 100x revenue. The roadmap ahead for Hala is to stay focused on customer support and better the platform and deploy a 4500 fleet on-road. The current year’s goal is to focus on the rental vertical and develop a battery swapping in fracture.