Hamari Krishi Innovations: Innovating Agri Space through Sustainable Engineering and Automation

Abhishek Sharma & Jalesh Arya,Co-FoundersThe wide use of pesticides, water shortage and shrinking fertile lands have persuaded people to think about healthier food habits; consequently, urban society has aggressively started to welcome the idea of organic farming due to rising health awareness. Abhishek Sharma, an industrial veteran with eight years’ of diverse experience in working with various companies such as Infosys Technologies Ltd, Advanced Nutrients, Exponents Inc; made the best use of his farming background by teaming up with Jalesh Arya, a manufacturing pioneer and venturing his way in the Agritech space with Hamari Krishi Innovations, a turnkey solution provider promoting soilless Aeroponic and hydroponic technology for both rural and urban areas, empowering growers with modern agriculture technologies.

Jaipur based Hamari Krishi renders cutting-edge solutions that are driven by an aim to make horticulture more process oriented and
hassle-free for the growers. Staying abreast with its inception ideology, the company offers services under three categories, namely Vertical and Horizontal Aeroponic set up, Climate controlled Polyhouses, and Training programs. Aeroponics means growing in Air without the use of soil. By using systems we can do vertical farming which maximises the number of plants in a given area making it suitable for smaller urban spaces such as balconies and terraces. There is a perfect balance of automation by using Microprocessor based irrigation system and human touch in agricultural practices to reap high quality produce in a given space.

Hamari Krishi is the one of the few developers which has indigenously developed and designed Aeroponic systems in India. “We manufacture Hydroponics systems– both for vertical spaceOcta Garden (Patented Product), Hydroponic Walls and Horizontal space. Our space effective OctaGarden Towers are totally ‘Made in India’ and can grow up to 40 plants/sq metres; have most user friendly features such as automated irrigation, water level indicators with alarm, temperature display, aeration pump, and enough water capacity to last 10 days. These features help growers in having a total command over cultivation.” mentions Jalesh Arya, Co-Founder of Hamari Krishi.

Jalesh shares, “Our approach is not to bring vegetables to market, but to make each individual have their own
personalized vegetable garden at home! Every grower in the country should get the chance to learn and experience the joy of growing pesticide-free vegetables for a healthy generation. We want to improve the health of the people by offering them an option to grow their own pesticide free vegetables and to experience the joy of farming.”

Set up in 2015, the firm is in the third year of its journey and the core competencies of Hamari Krishi are well depicted in their team’s consistent innovation in product development and R&D activities. They are the early adapters and pioneers of this space in India. In fact some of their solutions are one of their kinds in the world. They are collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world UK, United Arab Emirates, USA besides India to leverage global best practices.

“We have had the experience on working in one of the hardest climatic conditions and today, we are able to work in any diverse climate condition on various geographies. The growth of Hamari Krishi is at a point where our experience is giving results in the form of successful farms. In next five years, we aim to empower every grower by providing him best technology and knowledge for growing healthy vegetables and living a healthy life,” concludes Abhishek Co-Founder.