Hanuman: Transforming Emergency Healthcare With Leading Health-Tech & Lifesaving Solutions

Dr. Niraj Jha,Founder & CEO

Dr. Niraj Jha

Founder & CEO

The development of Medical Emergency Services Startups is ushering in a new era of healthcare innovation in a world where every second matters in the event of a medical emergency. The market is expected to grow by $30.16 billion by 2030. These dynamic and forward-thinking companies are redefining the way people respond to urgent medical situations, revolutionizing the accessibility, speed, and cost-effectiveness of emergency medical care. However, these startups grapple with notable challenges.

Navigating complex legal environments, providing strict data privacy and security protections with current emergency infrastructure, and building and sustaining reputation and trust are all difficult tasks. With a strong, internally developed app-based integrated platform that offers a one-stop solution for all health challenges, Hanuman stands out as a leading problem solver in this difficult environment.

Pioneering Health-Tech for Lifesaving Solutions
Hanuman, or 'Health Accessible in Need and Utility for Mankind', established in 2020 is a leading health-tech platform in India. Adhering to a policy of not providing further assistance, the company offers emergency help to every customer. The Hanumancare app empowers users to compare prices from a vast network of 3000+ service providers effortlessly. During the challenging times of COVID Wave 1 and Wave 2, Hanuman facilitated ambulance bookings, serving thousands of lives in Bihar.

Headquartered in Patna, Bihar, Hanuman showcased resilience by assisting over 20,000 customers during the second wave. “Our mission is not centered around selling content or making promises for the future. Instead, we are dedicated to addressing a critical issue where matters of life and death are at stake”, says Dr. Niraj Jha, Founder & CEO.
Hanuman specializes in long-distance medical transportation, through its diverse ambulance options—train, air, and road ambulances while utilizing technology and skilled medical personnel, ensures the best possible care—catering to hospitals and direct consumers. “Our innovative hospital partnership model optimizes ambulance operations, benefitting healthcare institutions and patients. Pioneering train ambulance services provide a unique bed-to-bed transfer for critically ill patients in remote areas. Our expertise in ambulance management ensures prompt services within 15 minutes, emphasizing our commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility”, explains Dr. Niraj Jha.

Experts Revolutionizing Emergency Healthcare
The Hanuman team comprises skilled individuals with diverse expertise. Dr. Niraj Jha, the Founder & CEO, brings over a decade of experience in Emergency medicine, successfully managing and profitably scaling five hospitals in Bihar. Santosh Singh, the Co-Founder & CBO, offers a multifaceted background spanning banking, telecom, education, and healthcare, excelling in relationship management and project design, ensuring ROI generation for new hospital infrastructures. Deepak Jha, the Co-Founder & CTO, is an IT solution Architect with over 19 years of experience in Digital Transformation, AI, Cloud, Data Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Full-stack development, showcasing expertise and exposure to the Southeast Asia market.

“Hanuman offers a practical solution for bridging the rural-urban emergency services gap in India. Unlike fancy tech solutions, we focus on real-life, life-and-death situations. Time and human expertise matter most. India's healthcare faces challenges, and technology is transforming EMS”, adds Dr. Niraj Jha.

The Road Ahead
The firm embodies a mission of trust and transparency in emergency medical services, recognizing the urgency of prompt and reliable care during crises. With a vision for universal access to quality emergency healthcare by 2030, Hanuman addresses gaps in non-emergency medical transportation prevalent in India. Currently, the firm has gripped its foot across five states and serves as the ambulance backend for 14 hospitals, leveraging technology wherein they strengthen the ambulance services, lower the cost of operation and increase efficiency and revenues. In 2024, the company plans to expand hospital partnerships 5X, scale up rail ambulance services 3X, and introduce IoT-enabled 5G and electric ambulances. This innovation-driven approach highlights Hanuman's potential to revolutionize emergency medical services, securing market share and driving industry-wide advancements for better healthcare access.