Happiness Bharat: Transforming lives of Women in India

Sonia Singh,  Founder

Sonia Singh


From philanthropy to investing in entrepreneurship, women face major challenges in search of making an impact. And despite many hurdles, women continue to rise through different promising platforms. There is no doubt that Happiness Bharat is one of those change makers. The company is driving forward in its mission to revamp Women's Empowerment with efficient solutions concentrated on News and Media, Jobs, Education, Skill, Development, Loan and Finance, business consulting, and entrepreneurship. The company's vision is to encourage the development of a startup and make India Atmanirbhar by focusing on areas like Training, Skill Development, Startup Digital Entrepreneurship, MSME, and Nari Shakti.

"We have empowered several women thru our storytelling platform Inspire Bharatin voicing their opinions, interviews, legal facilitation, and various exchange programs" says accomplished marketer turned entrepreneur Sonia Singh, Founder, Happiness Bharat, who has won various awards in India and abroad.

Happiness Bharat believes that Women's Empowerment increases their self­worth and self-reliance which helps in their growth and makes an impact. Therefore the organization ensures providing occupational training and a number of employment oriented workshops in various fields like digital marketing courses, BlockChain Courses,
Entrepreneurship courses, and skill development certification programs which help women in developing their vocational skills and put a major effect on the development of India. Happiness Bharat also promotes web-based, cloud-based solutions to different educational institutions. Happiness Bharat has done outsourcing and placements for HDFC Bank, Stock Holding Corporation, Karvy Stock Broking, and many other reputed clients.

We are making an inclusive global community of women who dare to dream, do beyond the normal, and channel fearless perspectives

Their NGO Happiness Bharat Pragati Path Foundation has been helping women to create financial freedom in rural areas through various educational programs and opportunities. Championing inclusivity is their top priority. Women empowerment is a societal duty. The more we empower the women's community, the better will be overall society and we will be able to model that for future generations.

The NGO believes that a positive change in society can be brought about with the wealth of knowledge-based sustainable programs in the field of education and skill development. The multiple projects and advocacy initiatives are guided toward making rural women join mainstream society. We have interacted with over two lakh women, conducted workshops, and counselled them.

In the last few decades, there has been a steady rising in awareness to empower women so that they can improve their socioeconomic status to be able to cope and contribute effectively in the period of economic crisis.

"We are making an inclusive global community of women who dare to dream, do beyond the normal, and channel fearless perspectives. We value women “contribution and encourage inclusive cultures that allow girls and women to achieve their ambitions", further added Sonia Singh. Their core values Empathy, Integrity, and commitment guide them in their mission.

With a presence in Lucknow, Mumbai & Noida, the organization with its robust team has successfully trained more than 10,000 principals and teachers in many reputed schools in Pan India. Happiness Bharat has a very promising future roadmap. They have set up a list of longterm and shortterm goals, to assist women and entrepreneurs to flourish. With a persistent yearning for the growth of women, Sonia Singh has been investing efforts in various fields, to help them to create financial freedom and more abundance, hope, and happiness.