HappyGrahak: Pocket-Friendly Online Grocery Platform

Joyal Daniel,CEOThere has been a need of a strong competitor to balance the monopoly of few players in the market for quite some time. The top players have a loyal customer-base from a defined market segment. Online grocery is the preferred choice for those who are net savvy (because these market leaders have positioned themselves in that way) and it is still not the replacement of Gali Ka Kiranastore. Obviously, there is a hitherto largely untouched segment in the market and this is what exactly Joyal Daniel wanted to tap in. Joyal informs, “The idea was to make the online or technology prowess just an enabler and at the same time, retain the age - old ‘Kirana’ flavour.” This led to the inception of Happy Grahak, an initiative of Happiness Easy Life Services Pvt. Ltd in 2017.

A horizontal online hypermarket offering a wide range of products across categories that include grocery, fruits & vegetables, apparel, beauty & wellness,
household care, baby & personal care conveniently is what aptly Happy Grahak. The company has a growing customer base which is a testimony to their trust building among customers. “Customer loyalty is a precious commodity in online shopping and especially in online grocery segment. So far, we have successfully retained that,” mentions Joyal.

One Stop Shop for All Daily Needs
Besides daily supply, apparel and lifestyle products, HappyGrahak also offers two widely used services namely Utility Bill Payment and travel where they initiate recharging of mobile and DTH account, paying electricity, gas and other bills, booking a flight or a hotel and transferring money using the Direct Money Transfer facility. Throwing light on, Joyal says, “We have a very strong technology backbone. Our in-house tech and development team is excellent in terms of web and mobile app development and 3rd party API integration. This is how we integrate e-commerce with utility.”

The platform uses PHP - based hybrid framework, their own method of data encryption, APIs. The server runs on cloud powered by AWS and they use tested software development methodologies. “We wish to soon implement multivendor omni-channel ecommerce capabilities with HappyGrahak,” Joyal says.

With the finest of Quality, Price
and Delivery of products made available online, HappyGrahak procures the saleable groceries directly from chosen farmers to ensure the best possible quality. In case of apparels, the raw materials are procured from suppliers who are also the vendors of top market leaders in the segment. “Since we are just a start-up and not an established brand, we can always offer a much better price to the customer for the same quality,” he avers.

The platform primarily targets the lower-middle income group; essentially, the savings-oriented group. savings-oriented. To retain customer interest, the team comes up with different attractive offers such as buy one get one free, special discount, membership, referral programs and so on. “Our target customers are not big time spenders. So, to retain their loyalty, we need to give them real benefits even if it is a very small or minuscule one,” Joyal adds.

Towards a Bright Future!
Till date, Happy Grahak has recorded around 30 percent month-on-month growth in terms of revenue and customers. Commencing its operations from South Delhi and later expanding to entire Delhi, they are now catering to customers from the entire NCR region. “In the 3-4 years, we would like to see ourselves as the one-stop destination for anything and everything a customer and his/her household needs– on a pan-India level,” Joyal concludes.