Harishmane Infratech: Designing & Developing Structures with a Personal Touch

Harish Kumar R,Founder & Director

Harish Kumar R

Founder & Director

The realm of interior designing and architectural services is always buzzing with creative trends. Creating spaces that are visually breathtaking in addition to being functional for everyday use is a critical aspect of these fields. However, with new trends emerging every day, and easily getting shared via social media channels, the creativity often gets lost, and similar solutions become the norm.

To break this kind of monotony and integrate features and elements that are inspired by current trends, but are still unique, the Bengaluru-based Harishmane Infratech adds a personal twist to each of its creations. The team pays attention to innovative use of colors, enhancing functionality of spaces, and honing overall visual connectivity that ties up together architecturally and aesthetically.

Designing Unique Spaces
Harishmane’s range of services extend to architectural services, construction, interior designing, and renovation for residential as well as commercial spaces. The company also offers solutions for furniture designing and home decor for these types of spaces that best reflect the identity of the business or the residents. Dedicated to creating beautiful spaces, the team at Harishmane strives to make designs that tell a story, whether it be from the client’s perspective or architecturally for the viewers to enjoy.

“We strongly believe in the saying, ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us'. Our inspiration certainly lies in that! Our urge is to create aesthetic, yet functional spaces for people have inspired us to nurture dwellings that contain a piece of our soul.
Our vision and mission typically revolves around delivering high-quality construction projects, ensuring client satisfaction and committing to safety and sustainability. Our vision typically focuses on being a reputable, ethical and leading player in delivering projects, thus carving an irreplaceable niche in the construction industry”, shares Harish Kumar R, Founder & Director.

Understanding clients requirements and fabricating sensible designs while enhancing the overall experience with the use of cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR are the company’s fortes. Connected with every project, the team places paramount importance on delivering excellence with utmost responsibility.

Another unique aspect of Harishmane’s services is its pioneering move of creating a comprehensive bill of quantities. This system paved the way for seamless expense estimating and quoting, thereby increasing transparency. This system takes into account every expense range from major spends like material costs, labor costs, and more to the minutest expenses to build confidence among clients.

Dedicated to creating beautiful spaces, the team at Harishmane strives to make designs that tell a story, whether it be from the client’s perspective or architecturally for the viewers to enjoy

Future Aspirations
Having brought this innovative system into the industry, the company is further striving to bring more meaningful changes in the sector. Some changes that the firm aspires to implement include fostering unique, resilient designs, being open to vernacular materials or importing it from places that are prominent for them, focusing on sustainability and embracing off-site construction techniques that enhance efficiency.

In addition to pioneering ideas fuelling the company to improve the industry overall, it is also committed to further enhance its own future with powerful strategies. The company aims to foster the usage of newer and more practical construction materials and techniques which align with environmental standards in the coming years. Furthermore, it plans to individually import raw materials and start its own manufacturing depot which will lead to the creation of distribution channels across India. The firm is also planning a mobile application which would enable seamless construction processes and techniques, thereby contributing to its overall goal of expanding its presence across India.

Also, with a stellar reputation, unshakeable client trust, and a unique perspective for client and industry benefit, as Harishmane Infratech has been an inspirational company introducing several sector-altering practices, it will continue it.