Havoc Therapy: Offering Mental Health Assistance for the Welfare of Young Generation

Siddharth Ragi, Founder & CEO

Siddharth Ragi

Founder & CEO

Holistic wellness is no longer a fad but has become an integral need for today’s contemporary life. Today, people understand well about importance of physical and mental wellness. But sadly taking mental health care is still not normalized in our country. The stigma still floating around society is that people feel insecure to share their mental health status and avoid seeking help. Raising awareness amongst youth for mental health is a vital part of the awareness campaigns. The present situation prevailing in society has created great opportunities for the mental health service industry. Havoc Therapy is a leading mental health service destination that caters to the diverse range of problems that young people face in today’s world.

Early identification of mental health issues and providing intervention with modern and personalized mental health services are the biggest opportunities in the market especially post covid-19 says Suchein Kumar Paruchuri, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer.

Havoc Therapy is reaching out to people with its three main channels - We Hear You app, Fleedom (B2B platform) and Havoc Centres.

Havoc Therapy provides emotional support through ‘We Hear You App’ (WHY on Android & IOS), where one can chat for free with trained listeners anonymously about stress, pressure, anxiety, depression, parental issues, and more. On ‘We Hear You App’ a good listener is basically like a friend without any judgment just like an emergency crisis support helpline. As an extended support, the platform offers sessions with licensed professionals, which is cheaper than most

Fleedom(our B2B platform) integrates its solutions with teachers’ training programs to identify the delays and challenges during the growth of a child. It supports children in joining the pace with their peers through its unique quarterly assessment program for child development.

Havoc Centres are designed for every age group to ensure it is effective, uplifting, and easily accessible through unique recreational activities for: mental wellbeing, substance addiction & abuse and assisting in inculcating a range of life skills like planning, scheduling, prioritizing, dealing with stress etc.

Suchein Kumar Paruchuri, Co-Founder & COO

One of the major milestone achieved by the company is it was successfully selected for Indian School of Business Hyderabad (ISB) for incubation program amongst applicants across India.

‘WTG Ecosystem’ pioneered by Abhishek Boyanapalli & Nikhil Polineni believed & supported with preseed funding & access to its partner companies. Koushik Chitrapu & Nivya Paidipally from SuperGTM have mentored from ideation & implemented the premium end-to-end marketing strategies. Additionally, Sayi Sravya functions as the Head of Psychology, Amruth Deeraj is the Head of Marketing and Swetha Venkat is the Psychiatric social worker.

eHavoc provides a safe, secure, non judgmental and completely anonymous place to talk to professionals by lending an ear to the problems and grievances of young people, which otherwise go uncared for, even in remote corners to give them a comfortable space and environment to unburden themselves. Havoc offers a complete goal oriented clinical experience either online or by phone for one on one sessions with a mental health professional, group chats or using self help content.

Every human brain has its own abilities and every individual is special in his/her own way,’ says Siddharth Ragi, Founder and CEO, Havoc Therapy.

Currently, Havoc is working on collaborating with schools to identify early issues in toddlers and kids. Simultaneously working on development of AI API for priority assistance to every individual as an alarm if there is any emergency.