Heal My Family Healthcare: Delivering Professional Health Care at the Patients' Comfort Space

Mallela Sai Kumar,DirectorAccording to the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the aging population of India is expected to reach 298 million by 2051, accounting for 17 percent of the national population. With the introduction of advanced home healthcare services in the country, high-quality healthcare can now be delivered in the comfort of one's own home. Pioneering in this industry with its tailored home care services is Hyderabad-based Heal My Family Healthcare. The company has offered the most Integrated service to 13,000+ client in a matter of only four years.

“We Heal My Family at Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, provide expertise nursing care by our qualified and trained care takers. We are well known for excellent care and personal tailored service, which strives to meet our clients requirements perfectly”, says Mallela Sai Kumar, Director, Heal My Family. Heal My Family was established on 25th September, 2018. Mallela Sai Kumar's motto since the establishment of the company has been Patient Care and Patient satisfaction, and with every service, the team tries to deliver the same.

The trained nurses at Heal My Family provide high-end quality care to patients at home. “We are here for you and your family during life’s most challenging moments. We aim to give the idea of availing services that makes people grow healthy faster by putting in less effort and more attention being paid to their well-being”, adds Mallela Sai Kumar.
End-to-End Care Services
The flagship services at Heal My Family include, nursing, caretaking, physiotherapy, orthopaedic, health checkup and pathology services. “With our nursing services, we provide dedicated, private, warm nursing services and specialty care services for senior citizens”, says Mallela Sai Kumar.

The company’s list of services includes basic & critical nursing care, oxygen monitoring, BiPAP, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, patient caretaker services for bedridden, elderly care, premature baby care, and post-surgical nursing or caretaking services. Further, the company also offers on-call services such as intravenous (IV) injections, wound or post-surgery dressing, Vittal checking, enema, foley catheter change, and rice tube change, amongst others.

Following the medical protocols, the company also offers ICU care at home with experienced professionals and equipments. Further, the company has tie-ups with Doctors who can provide care at the comfort of the patient’s home.

The director's motto is to implement quality standards for patient care, monitor patient satisfaction & outcomes. The company's services runs through word-ofmouth referrals from one satisfied customer to another

Professional Quality Service
One of the customers of Heal My Family while appreciating the services said, “My name is YV Rao, 83 yrs old. Heal My Family Health care services have sent Tirumalesu from 17th March ’20 for my service during my sick period. For the last 8 months he is attending me to recover to normal health. He has done Excellent service to me 24 hrs a day which helped me to recover fast in my health condition. He looked after me for every step in all my daily activities. Thanks to Heal My Family H C. S to select and sending such devoted attendants which will enhance their agency Name.” With its workforce of 350+, the company has catered to over 300 clients successfully.

Since its foundation, Heal My Family has established itself as a renowned name in the sphere of healthcare at home and has been celebrated with Aadhyagol foundation award, Deccan blasters foundation awards and Druva drive foundation award. In the future too, it hopes to continually deliver results and help patients heal in their comfort space. It will continually help recover faster at home by giving proper care.