Healing Buddha: A Multi-Specialty Energy Healing Center

Rituraj Mishra, Co-Founder & Director,Manish Kumar, Co-Director

Rituraj Mishra

Co-Founder & Director

One of the emerging industries in India in recent years is Wellness. India is recognized as the Land of Ayurveda and Yoga, and the branches that have evolved through the years. In the recent years, this wisdom, knowledge and practices are being modernized to make it relevant and effective to the current times.

Founded in 2017, by Rituraj Mishra and Manish Kumar, R&M Healing Buddha is a multi-speciality energy (Prana) healing centre which provides energy healthcare services to clients locally as well as globally unrestricted by physical boundaries. The R&M ahead of Healing Buddha stands for Ritu and Manish. As it would suggest, Healing Buddha is a loving manifestation of the combined vision to transform the lives of people through systematic & time-tested energy healings and Pranic Healing treatments. Rituraj Mishra, Co-Founder and Director, says "The idea to come into the Indian healing and wellness space is more out of self interest than a conscious choice. We began applying healing techniques to our close friends and family to supplement and enhance effectiveness to their existing biomedicine treatments and started experiencing magical results.

Since childhood, Manish and I got introduced to various energy healing modalities in our different ways. A few years into our marriage, it was a happy coincidence to discover our
common interest in healing. Initially, we pursued training in advanced healing techniques purely out of self-interest. We began applying healing techniques to our close friends and family to supplement and enhance effectiveness to their existing biomedicine treatments and started experiencing magical results. Word of mouth spread and requests for healing increased along with a lot of fantastic health out-comes. Both Manish and I believe that, just like society has good doctors, society also needs good healers. Both of us felt our calling to devote our lives to this purpose. That's how the inception of the Healing Buddha - wellness centre came up."

The various services rendered by Healing Buddha can be broadly categorized as healing, meditation, training and corporate retreats. Healing is a multi-specialty service and is the flagship offering of Healing Buddha. It can be further sub-categorized into Supplementary healing to accelerate/ support allopathy & other treatments. Pranic treatments for chronic ailment like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, heart ailments, infertility, brain & nervous system-related issues and more.

Prana treatment for children with special needs. Pranic well-being for expectant mothers. Pranic psycho-therapy treatment for psychological issues like ­ depression, fear, phobia, hallucinations, addiction and more. Preventive healthcare through periodic energy body strengthening. Manish Kumar, Co-Director, Healing Buddha adds, "For the sake of easy reference, the process followed by Healing Buddha in how it engages with clients can be compared to that of a specialist doctor or a surgeon. You could look at us as Energy treatment surgeons with a systematic process of discuss- diagnose energy conditions -prescribe-treat-reassess and repeat, as required."

Healing Buddha has been growing steadily since its inception. How-ever, the unfortunate circumstance of the pandemic has been a shot in the arm and an eye-opener to the extent and scale of impact that we can have on alleviating human anxiety and suffering through energy healing. Healing Buddha is over-whelmed and humbled by the possibility of providing solace to a lot of people during this situation. And are inspired to significantly expand their scale so that they offer services to more people.

"We foresee Healing Buddha being at the forefront of creating awareness and delivering the benefits of Pranic Energy Treatment to people across India and the globe. To solidify our position in the Indian Wellness space, we are gearing up to expand our presence with flagship Pranic Treatment Centers in the top 25 cities in India in 5 years, supported by neighbourhood satellite Clinics in potential localities", concludes Ritu.