HEALRX: Premium Healthcare Services, Clinics and Products At Affordable Prices

Dr Pruthvi Vaity,  CEO

Dr Pruthvi Vaity, CEO

HealRx is not just any other startup; it’s a change India needs today to transform the way healthcare is looked upon,” says Dr Pruthvi Vaity, CEO, HealRx. There are quite a few startups in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem in India that are been looked upon with a lot of curiosity and interest. Be it the funding, the potential scalability, their mature growth stories, or the disruptions or innovation they are creating – such startups are known for paving ways for better. One such startup with a well-conceptualized business model and the hunger to succeed is Mumbai based HealRx that aims to change the existing healthcare ecosystem in India by providing healing, wellness and premium treatments to people. HealRx also aims at linking healthcare to digital platforms of website and applications which will be constantly updated and upgrading with a focused group of software engineers and developers.

“We do not believe that ours is just another platform that functions as search engines for doctors or
online consultation but we believe that it can be utilized for much deeper healthcare issues, by our doctors physically interacting with our patients” informs Dr Pruthvi. HealRx provides premium healthcare services clinics and products at affordable prices under one well-connected ecosystem. Staunchly following the concept of Make in India, HealRx houses a well-versed team that is completely focused on research and development of Healthcare & Wellness products. The company provides high-quality products at economical prices.

"HealRx provides premium healthcare services clinicsand products at affordable prices under one well-connected ecosystem"

“The healthcare sector is diverse and thus requires special management. We follow the right human connectivity to heal the problems in the right way. We are led by a strong team of doctors which helps us to identify and solve our real problems in more defined and accurate ways,” he asserts.

The Beginning of HealRx
The ideation of forming HealRx began way back while Pruthvi was pursuing his Bachelors in Dental Surgery. His inclination towards developing the healthcare eco-system kept his mind occupied. All that he needed was a proper direction and an opportunity to venture out. “Coming from a family of doctors, I was well aware of the short comings as well as the health-related issues common people encountered. There was
this constant thought running in my mind to some way or the other contribute value to the healthcare sector. This fuelled my enthusiasm and finally, I zeroed in upon establishing HealRx. I knew for a matter of fact that even if I fail, there would be no regrets but I was not ready to not take a chance and then regret later,” he informs.

The Journey
Crossing every hurdle that came along and congregating deep knowledge about the industry, HealRx since inception has carved a niche for itself. The focus from day one has been on creating a strong online and offline presence for clinics & consultation, developing own healthcare products. With time, it has successfully launched an app and website which has some of the best doctors on the panel for direct online consultation. Besides, it has formed clinics for general healthcare and wellness, dental care clinic in Mumbai suburbs. “Our biggest project expansion in the heart of Mumbai Sion is our HealRx Aesthetics and laser centre,’ he adds.

In the coming years, team Heal-Rx envisions creating more centres for providing premium and diverse healthcare services according to people’s need – all under one connected unit of HealRx. “We are currently focusing on the existing geographic presence, building the brand HealRx and creating an impact which will cause ripples to create more centres by the means of franchises,” concludes Dr. Pruthvi.