HealthCare at Home: One of the Leading Healthcare Service Providers in health Ecosystem

Vivek Srivastava,Co-Founder & CEO

Vivek Srivastava

Co-Founder & CEO

Over the years, though the country has shown some progress towards healthcare ecosystem still the medical scenario seems to be a quite depressing one. With a population of 1.3 billion marching to be a developed economy by bringing in latest innovations and advancements across the varied field, the Indian healthcare domain, however, remains to be an under-served one. In general, according to a survey, the country constitutes only one bed per thousand populations, one doctor per thousand patients, making it a poor healthcare infrastructure. Moreover, to change the existing framework it will require a billion dollar investment along with many decades to build the kind of structured entity. Thus, identifying that utilization of capacity is much more effective than enhancing investment capability along with noticing the leapfrogging in mobile penetration, the founders at HealthCare atHome(HCAH) decided to ameliorate the capacity and bridge the huge gap prevailing, immediately & cost-effectively.

“The lack of enough hospitals, doctors, nurses and health workers states the disparity and inequality in the quality of care.We at HCAH are trying to keeping patients at the centre and also are endeavoured to work with hospitals with allowing the doctors to treat patients beyond hospital boundaries,” explicates Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder & CEO, HCAH.

HCAH is a joint venture between the 130 years old Burman Family,the
promoters of Dabur and the founders of Healthcare at Home(HAH), UK. The company not only desires to make health care affordable but also accessible with standing unique in terms of business scalability & sustainability model. Vivek mentions, “Holding the position of Director-Investments at Burman Family Holdings I realized the importance of building the business rather than creating value. Thereby, we actually focused on building a model laid on the fundamental principles that attain to deliver the highest level of care.”

Backed by Burman’s, HAH & Quadria Capitals, HCAH with 1300+ team members has covered 40 cities across India and serves 4lacs + patients

Right Platform for Health Assurers & Professionals to Grow
Considering that a doctor or infrastructure is the only star within a hospital setting, the company ensures to be the best startup to work for at the homecare setting by having star nurses, star physiotherapist, star pharmacist, star counsellors. HCAH recognizes its employees as the revenue generating assets and has flexible working times, profound policies with captivating the essence of the platform through a holistic approach. Right from a new employee joining to implementing a great on-boarding episode with encompassing essential features such as induction, technology training to entertaining feedback for improvisation, HCAH also grants incentives for their self-motivation, encourage them to do better and grow within the organization at different job roles.”

Touted to be a solitary company in the startup ecosystem, HCAH has invested a lot in its people, clinical
quality adherence to care quality commission, UK standard. It has made people aware of homecare health solutions, tied up with hospitals as partners and has filled the crunch of qualified medical professionals.

Personalized Services,Quality
Professionals - Right at the Doorsteps
Envisioned to be a ‘people-centric, credible & comprehensive’ home care solution HCAH treats patients with exemplary services and for employees,it imparts a robust process that creates engagement with technology. In accordance with credibility & comprehensiveness, the company surrounds itself to meet all the basic health care needs.

Driven by core values of ‘Trust, Empathy, Excellence and Care’, HCAH proffers service heads are ProCare atHome, MedCareatHome, LifeCare at Home and Additional services. Additionally, it also renders services for business areas viz.- Pharma, Insurance, Corporate, and hospitals. “We provide a comprehensive range of home care services which gives the patients right treatment, accurate monitoring and timely assistance via state-of-the-art technology,” asserts Vivek. The company also grants a membership program ‘HCAH Sarathy’- a tailor-made customized healthcare solution through personalized choice at a nominal cost.

Backed by Burmans, HAH & Quadria Capitals, HCAH with 1300+ team members has covered 40 cities across India and serves 4lacs + patients. Its platform is used by over 4mn doctors worldwide. Within a short span of time, HCAH has labelled itself as one of the largest PSP program provider in the B2B space. Growing 100x year on year, Vivek concludes, “By 2020, we want to be a 1000cr company by 2020 and will expand to multiple cities along with adding more service categories.”