eVaidya: Quality Healthcare Solutions Delivered through Telemedicine Technology

Srinivasa Rao Paturi,Chairman & Managing Director
Srinivasa Rao Paturi
Chairman& Managing Director

Now is the time for instant solutions on the go! The demand for instant results is seeping into every corner of our lives, be in real life or virtual-Retailers are jumping into same-day delivery services. Smartphone apps are eliminating the wait for a cab,a table at a happening restaurant. Healthcare apps and mobile solutions are improving communication and care coordination among specialists, doctors,nurses,and others. Due to lack of time,everyone craves for solutions at their fingertips. The same is being applicable for the healthcare services. Though to a certain extent instant solutions can be provided for the curative services,the preventive health care initiatives have a latent period during their execution and hence it takes considerably long time to show in results.To add to this, the medical practices involve an abundance of empathy. A healing touch to a patient by the health care providers results in a better outcome in diseases. All of these factors to a certain extent work adversely in showing the improvement of healthcare. With anticipation,of the world, moving towards becoming a global village,the virtual healthcare and technological advancement will definitely show its results,and it's not very far off.

Hyderabad based eVaidya Pvt. Ltd. staunchly believes that primary healthcare should be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status. Working towards its mission, e-Vaidya aims to bring customized and flexible healthcare to everyone and guide the masses on healthy living through innovative technological solutions, combining the expertise of a team of multidisciplinary doctors and accomplished technology team. The company strives to bring affordable, multi-specialty healthcare to people’s homes,leveraging the different voice, video chat, email, instant messaging, discussion forums and social media.

A pioneer in the healthcare industry specialized in providing healthcare solutions through advanced telemedicine technology. eVaidya is led by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have extensive experience working in different sectors. "With such diverse minds at work, we are able to visualise the health care necessity in 360 degrees. The IT solutions we develop are validated with repeated testing in the field. The whip of medical validations helps to develop current medical advances in the EMRs. These features make us stand out in the crowd,"speaks Srinivasa Rao Paturi, Chairman & Managing Director.

An Idea towards Bettering Healthcare!
The inception of eVaidya began with setting up a virtual clinic in Kannaginagar,Chennai, which was widely affected by the tsunami in 2014. The clinic was operated digitally by healthcare professionals stationed in
Hyderabad and the beneficiaries at the tsunami-affected areas. The initiation gathered a loud appreciation by IIT Chennai and Municipal authorities of Chennai.“The feather in the cap was the pilot project named eUPHC that was implemented in Vijaywada in collaboration with AP government. The project received great appreciation within the country and around the world as one of the best telemedicine models to be implemented so far. The AP government further took a step ahead and converted all the UPHC into eUPHCs and currently it runs with on the name of Mukhya Mantri Arogya Kendramulu. We have bagged two similar projects in the state of Telengana too and it has been successfully running,” informs Srinivasa.

"eVaidya aspires to create a self- sustainable healthcare ecosystem in India, which encourages the best medical practices to reach the common man and permeate through the various strata of society"

eVaidya aspires to create a self-sustainable healthcare ecosystem in India, which encourages the best medical practices to reach the common man and permeate through the various strata of society. While the center of attraction of other players in the healthcare space is Telemedicine for tertiary and secondary care, eVaidya is more focused on making telemedicine accessible where it is needed the most-primary care for citizens of Urban slums, Rural, Tribal & Remote locations.“We do our best to provide the possibility of universal access to primary healthcare. Thus our technology developing seeks at developing a process which can be implemented with minimal infrastructure and minimal skilled manpower,”he says.

Bold Mission. Bright Future.
eVaidya’s vision of a healthier and happier India is the cumulative initiative of its highly inspired leadership team, who not only come with a wealth of experience but perspectives from disciplines ranging from technology to medicine to manufacturing. This combined outlook on the new technologically charged healthcare industry is what drives eVaidya’s vision and mission, and inspires all our staff to reach greater heights.

The company understands the impact of a powerful work culture within the organization and strives to deliberately shape a culture that encourages and appreciates employee efforts & collaboration around a shared set of values. “Every day is a typical day in IT healthcare ecosystem by leveraging advanced telemedicine technology and eVaidya being one of them, we believe that each employee is unique individual and the strength and weakness of each is taken into account and with agreed vision and purpose with clear focus expectations we can achieve the desired outcomes together,” concludes Srinivasa.

Solutions & Services
•Dial your Doctor services
With the motto “The Doctor is always in”,the organisation aims at using the most common gadget-mobile to reach to the patients in need of the Doctor. Dial your doctor services enable the patients to reach to the doctor through the phone and receiving desired consultation. This reduces the waiting time and the time wasted due to travel to reach to the
doctors for minor ailments. Our prominent clients are IHO, Bajaj Alliance, medi Assist, Med Labs, Health Assure,

•(Electronic Primary Healthcare Centre)-Digital Clinic in Government setup
e-UPHC is a Public Private Partnership (PPP)model of Government and eVaidya to collaboratively implement the NUHM healthcare to the urban slums with focus on accessibility to the urban slum and vulnerable population. It is a new age concept to bring holistic care to the local community. It is a combination of primary healthcare centre,physician or tele-consultation, pharmacy, imaging and Lab services combined together under one roof. The centre also has ANM and ASHA workers, who conduct the health and nutrition days, participating in National public health programs like RNTPC, NTPC,family planning, de-worming, immunization, registration of the Antenatal care, promoting institutional delivery, providing epidemic alerts, contributing in reducing the IMR and MMR.

Key Management
Srinivasa Rao Paturi, Chairman & Managing Director
An accomplished Business leader with over two decades of entrepreneurial expertise. Prior to eVaidya Mr. P Srinivasa Rao was associated with Energy Leader at the capacity of Founder & Managing Director. Energy Leader was a Green Field project, involved in manufacturing of industrial Batteries. He was instrumental in adding clientele like BSNL and Indian Railways to the Elite customer list of Energy leader. Under the leadership of Mr. Srinivasa Rao, Energy leader has soared to the heights of INR 150Crores turnover.

He successfully exited to 'EnerSys',a US based multinational.

Currently Mr.P Srinivasa Rao is the Chairman & Managing Director of eVaidya Private Limited- A Healthcare IT company and passionately working on improving the Healthcare standards in India through the Online Tele medicine and Digital Clinic models.

His expertise lies in Core Commercials, Greenfield Projects, Innovations and Business Management with very high energy levels, and proven track record of success all through.

“Population who previously had to travel long distances to get care from qualified doctors can now consult with high quality city doctors and specialists right in their own location through our dial a doctor services. This not only decreased out of pocket healthcare costs, but also saved time and money. For each illness episode, patients save approximately 500-700INR, apart from the costs incurred on availing diagnostics & Medical consultation services, which would otherwise have been spent on travel. Thus the virtual platform ensures that the doctors and the patients are connected in a wider perspective with minimal limiting factors.