HealthonRent: Bringing about the era of Cost Effective Healthcare

 Dauv Bafna,  Founder
Dauv Bafna, Founder

No matter how much unacceptable it might be, but quality healthcare always comes with a price. With technology spreading its wings and establishing its potential in every sector of the business ecosystem, the growth in the healthcare industry has been substantial. But in the process, the cost of healthcare equipment has also reached the skies. As it stands, there is quality healthcare available in the country but the factor of affordability amongst the middle and lower middle class population is hardly present. "Something about the healthcare industry is that it has a high capital flow. What we purchase is pretty much expensive when it comes to critical care. The feedback that we have got from our customers is that they have highly appreciated us on the cost effectiveness on renting our products. The cost of all the equipment that goes on rent from our company is up to 12 times the rental we charge", says Dauv Bafna, Founder, HealthonRent.

The way to Function
Being located at the financial
capital of India, HealthonRent started off in an excellent way. Hailing from a family with a healthcare business for the last 25 years called Bafna Surgical, Dauv was quick at collaborating with the various healthcare companies located in Mumbai. He detected that many of the healthcare companies were in search of this kind of a platform where they can regulate their products from time to time.

"The biggest drive for our vision at HealthonRent, is from the fact that we are able tocreate a positive impact by helping our patients in times of need"

Having developed a fully functional e-platform from providing healthcare equipment on rent, Dauv considers customer satisfaction as a priority. He states, "What I thought out was that, since we were into healthcare retail, we had to create a seamless experience for the customers and also since they are all patients, they shouldn't be facing any other hassle when it came to renting equipment. We have a purely per day rental concept and customers have to pay on a daily basis since recovery is uncertain, we make sure that they don't have to pay extra money. Over charging is something which we tried eliminating from our model. Quality control is prior to us and proper clean up of the equipment on return is necessary for a company like us.”

Expressing the scope for a healthcare startup in the Indian

market, he elaborates,"The demand in Healthcare never goes away. Quality control and emergency services planning is primary when setting up some thing like this. The services that we provide are critical to the life of a patient and there is a lot of potential to achieve in terms of increasing the quality of services."

The Way Ahead
Since its inception in 2016, HealthonRent has covered a considerable way so that volumes could be uttered about it. Starting from small shop in Mumbai, now it rents healthcare equipment all over the city. It has success-fully doubled the revenue numbers in the last two years and has a database of 6000 satisfied patients.

On the technological grounds, HealthonRent is working to create a more seamless platform for all its customers to provide them affordability and accessibility all at once. Dauv concludes, "We are looking at expanding to further regions especially to the tier-2 and tier-3 cities where access is limited. We want to try and improve that. We are also working on the back end technologies which could help us manage the platform better. The biggest drive for our vision at HealthonRent, is from the fact that we are able to create a positive impact by helping our patients in times of need."