Healthy Minds Healthy Lives: A Trusted Platform that Provides a Wide Array of Mental Health Services PAN India

 Tanya Jawa,   Founder

Tanya Jawa


Life has been stressful in recent years, and mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and others are being reported at significantly higher rates for all ages. The pandemic has exacerbated the number of anxiety and depression cases, as seen in general practice. On the other hand, it has also led to increased awareness regarding seeking treatment for the same, normalizing the practice of teleconsultation and making it easier to access these services. Healthy Minds Healthy Lives, founded in 2019 by Tanya Jawa, a leading RCI licensed clinical psychologist, is a trusted platform that provides a wide array of mental health services pan India. The company keeps up with all the latest protocols and research to provide the best care to its clients, focusing on ethical practices.

The mental health field is expanding, with many people claiming to be practicing psychologists, many of whom don't even hold degrees or training in psychology. This is a major concern for those reaching out for help, as it leaves the clients confused as to who the right practitioner for them is. At HMHL, licensed professionals deal with clients suffering from psychopathology, while other psychologists handle stress management for those going through a rough patch. Another reason behind establishing HMHL was to give freshers in this field an opportunity to get hands-on experience.

The company ensures good supervision and detailed discussions regarding clients while
giving enough responsibilities to those who have just started their careers, allowing them to maximize their learning and get the holistic exposure they would need once they independently start handling the clients. "HMHL helped them learn to cope and function with consistent efforts from the team's end and sheer motivation to improve from the client's end, slow and steady tangible progress was gradually visible in the clients", speaks Tanya Jawa, Founder, Healthy Minds Healthy Lives.

HMHL has a team of clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, interns, and coaching teachers who have contributed to the company's success and pushed it to achieve heights

Delivering Quality Services
The scope of mental health is expanding, and Healthy Minds Healthy Lives is trying to cater to the growing demand. The company initially started as a way to provide therapy and counseling services to various clients to help them cope with their stressors, and then gradually branched out into providing various psychometric assessments, workshops, and webinars to many corporates, schools, and hospitals successfully. Under psychometric assessments, tests are administered to understand the client better and help get the right support and diagnostic clarity. Besides this, HMHL actively provides educational services like internship opportunities and coaching services for students, graduates, and psychology aspirants. HMHL is also working on its research on `Gauging the gaps in compatibility among couples. "HMHL has a team of clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, interns, and coaching teachers who have contributed to the company's success and pushed it to achieve heights", says Tanya.

Since every individual is different and unique, their challenges also differ from one another. Depending on the individual's personality traits, existing coping techniques, support system, and environment, a tailor made treatment plan is formulated for them. HMHL has gained clients' faith as it prioritizes ethical practices and protects its clients'confidentiality since it deals with human lives. Headquartered in South Delhi, Healthy Minds Healthy Lives has a team of 6-8 professionals catering to clients' needs. It has catered to over 300 clients and conducted over 800 therapy sessions in a short time since its establishment.

Healthy Minds Healthy Lives will continue to provide ethical services to all its clients and become a one stop solution to all mental health related concerns. It will focus on expanding its team and matching up to increasing demand.