Heer Technology & Control: The Best Elevator Controls & Parts Manufacturer In India

Nirav Patel,   Director

Nirav Patel


The basic problematic part of the engineering of big operational devices is the implementation part. The interpretation of the design to be easily executed as desired lies in the hands of the layman and a single step that went wrong can add to the customer’s disappointment. Founded in 2014, Heer Technology and Control started with the idea of developing India’s first elevator controllers with European standards at the most feasible prices. For avoiding any mistakes on the execution front, Heer Technology and Control provides products that are easy to decipher and install. Furthermore, the products are easy to maintain and Heer Technology & Control is the only Indian Elevator Main Board manufacturing company who provides 3 YEARS of warranty on their Main Boards, thereby maintaining their hassle-free, end-to-end convenience status. “Product for all is what we believe in”, says Director Nirav Patel.

"Heer is poised to become a global player and to be reckoned as one of the top elevator controllers and elevator parts manufacturers"

World’s Most Economical Elevator Controller
Producing world-class highest quality orders with unparalleled quality benchmarks is the highest motivation that drives Heer to undertake all its projects and deliver the best through its services. The major lacking in Indian products is that there are compromises on the quality front. Many service providers in the market promise otherwise but the consistency in the delivered results is not as promised. “Our main motivation is consistent quality with commitment. At Heer we have developed the infrastructure to manufacture the best” says Nirav Patel.
Heer Technology & Control manufactures all types of elevator controllers. The products are customized accordingly to the customer’s expectations. Customized COP & LOP are the cosmetics of the elevator which enhance the design of the elevator. Heer holds expertise in manufacturing elevator controller cards and elevator controllers. Heer has an unmatched technological capability in parallel, Semi-serial, and Serial controller of elevators. Heer is also the first elevator company to introduce Direct landing capable controllers without an integrated drive in India.

The team of experts at heer specializes in different arenas and brings onto the table, a wide spectrum of diversified experience from various industry verticals

Heer works through a robust chain of distributors and dealers across India. It also has global tieups through which it exports the majority of its products across the globe from Dubai to Vietnam and Europe too. Heer is also the godfather of the world's most economical elevator controller.

Few Developments In The Product Side
The team of experts at Heer specializes in different arenas and brings onto the table, a wide spectrum of diversified experience from various industry verticals. Having an experience in different elevator technologies from Highspeed traction to Hydraulic elevators, Heer’s team is driven by its director into new and upcoming technologies in the elevator sector.

Heer’s leadership has six years’ expertise in the field of elevators. The primary advisors have been in the industry since 1993 and its director an experience of 20 years in the field of elevator controllers. In India alone, it plans to target annual production and sales growth at a rate of 25% YoY.

Heer is working on developing its controller with an IOT-based system that will help dominate the elevator market in the cloud sector. Few developmental projects are going on the product front with more products to be added in like touchless car operating panels and landing operating panels.